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Love it!!
by Jessica Elsasser, USA - Dec 21st 2017

Awesome game, I enjoy it more than similar games of the same style. The previous reviewer says it didn't work on his Macbook Pro but it works great on my Macbook Pro (Running Sierra), if you're unsure it it will run on your comp try the demo before buying. Great game!!

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Kitty Powers' Matchmaker Icon
by Jessica Elsasser, USA - May 23rd 2015

I love stupid games, (mostly time management) this game is completely boring and awful. You have to enter information about yourself for them to possibly share to matchmake you online, you can click a box to decline sharing after you enter info about yourself. Then the entire game is you choosing one person then picking from a couple of potential matches by their common interests. On their date you start by knowing what they want to eat. They give a hint like "something cold with no meat" and you choose the appropriate dish, then you spin a slot machine that has about 4-5 topics to talk about and each time you loose points if you choose the same topic. There maybe, depending on the date other little things thrown in like asking which waiter was yours or looking at 4 desserts and then when they say "I'll take the first one" you have to remember what the first one was. If the date goes well then at the end of the date they state that they are in love and your matchmaking rating goes up. Overall soooooo slow, pointless and boring, I actually fell asleep. Do not waste your money. Again I love stupid games but this is waaaay beyond that.

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Syberia II Icon
Love it!
by Jessica Elsasser, USA - Dec 28th 2014

I was very hesitant to purchase this because of the previous review about glitches but I loved the first game so much that I bought this game anyway. I was very please to find that I didn't have any problems. The game is beautifully done and works perfectly on my macbook pro. I absolutely love it and can't wait for the next in the series!!!

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