Reviews by Chun Y.3

Stellaris: Leviathans Story Pack

Addon for Leviathans

Significantly provides you the new story line and challenges, as well as the new creature. This DLC enrich a lot to the base game that you should consider to pick it up if possible.

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Apr 9th 2021

Stellaris: Apocalypse

Can't be missed if you love wars and conquest

This made some awesome weapons in the game, which is self-explained by the name of this DLC. I guess no one played with it would ask you not to buy this.

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Apr 9th 2021

Europa Universalis IV: Empire Founder Pack

Essential bundle to enrich this game

This bundle contains packs that are adding some of the best content that most of us playing the game view it as essential. Take it when it is on sale if you can!

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Apr 1st 2021

Stellaris: Utopia

Best dlc of the series

What i can say is: don't play the game without it.
It makes a lot more different to the base game, and no one can argue it to be the most important release of DLC among the others.
By the way, i even think they should have it with the base game instead of selling separately.
Get it or you will regret. (Especially in sale.)

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Apr 1st 2021

Stellaris: Synthetic Dawn Story Pack

One of a dlc isn't challenging

As simple as building a world with Machine.
So, you have much more tolerance with the environment that is tough for living things.
I would say this is an easy mode story that you probably wont be playing twice.
But i guess you may give it a try for the beginning, when it is on sale?

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Apr 1st 2021

Cities: Skylines - Campus

Great DLC for Cities Skyline

It contains the campus add-on that allow you to build a city with a huge area of campus.
Like in the reality, you have different buildings in the campus serving different purposes and students in different majors.
It is similar to industrial DLC but on different aspects, which i think it enrich your city a lot.

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Mar 6th 2021

Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor

1 of a overpriced DLC in my opinion

The additional stuff adding to the game is not as significant as the others like the industries / Campus / Mass Transit.

Due to their suggested price, i cant rate it higher.
It can be a 5 stars if it is costing $5-10, while I get a discount over that price, instead of having the discount price over $10.

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Mar 6th 2021

Prison Architect - Island Bound

Good idea but overpriced and having bugs

The island jail is actually good in an idea, which helps the jail to reduce the possibility of prison break.
However, the bugs are disturbing players to enjoy.
The developer are cleaning up them, but i would expect that happened before releasing it.

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Mar 6th 2021

Prison Architect - Psych Ward: Warden's Edition

Feature added dlc - nice with discount

Nice dlc with the sales discount!
The new feature provide an additional facility and characteristics in game.
Super great with sales.

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Nov 28th 2020

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Platinum Edition

Long waited purchase

Civ 6 is one of the game i listed in mine.
Played with my bro with 1 steam account and recently go separated as moving out from family, and letting him get that steam account and PC.
And finally built myself 1 and get a new account.

What i say is: either you buy it and you will not be able to stop yourself playing, or you just don't...

This package with all DLC included would provide you a good experience on the game, especially when it is on sale.

by Chun Y.3, Hong Kong - Oct 27th 2020

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