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Don't know if I hate it...

But, I do hate the fact that I spent money on it and it doesnt run on my Computer - it simply wont start.
Mac OS X 10.14.6
8GB Video Ram

by BU2B, USA - Sep 24th 2019
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Wont Run on my Mac

More than meet the requirements but it wont work. (10.14.6)

by BU2B, USA - Sep 24th 2019
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Endless Legend Emperor Pack

Endlessly Amazing!

This is Quite Possibly... VERY PROBABLY... Okay, it IS Icebergs best offering to date!!!

IF you like Any CIV game or Might and Magic game this this is the one for you!!! It is a combination of both in a unique blend that I think you will find EXTREMLY entertaining and challenging! To say I am impressed with this offering would literally not be fair! Endless Legend is without a doubt my current favourite. I LOVE IT!!! Endlessly! (so far)

Given the graphics, challenge, game play, replay ability AND info above... I seriously doubt you are going to be disappointed!!!

by BU2B, USA - Oct 3rd 2014
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Anomaly Defenders


GR8 Tower Defense Game! I like the other Anomomally offerings... all of them but this one is IMHO is the best of the lot!

by BU2B, USA - Jul 9th 2014
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Shufflepuck Cantina Deluxe


If you don't get this game you'll be kicking yourself... IF you don't get it for $3.00, even more so! Stupendous game play, great story, super awsome graphics, smooth as silk movement, even 'tab' quick graphic options! This one is not only a keeper, it's a must have!!! AND it works without a hic-up or glitch anywhere to be seen under OS X 10.9.x!

Grab it now! YOU WON'T BE SORRY! Honest! One of the few games that 5 stars is just not enough for!

by BU2B, USA - Dec 24th 2013
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Marine Park Empire

Get Roller Coaster Tycoon Instead!

If the graphics worked fine and IF full screen worked Fine and Just Get Roller Coaster Tycoon Platinum many more options and everything actually works on OS X 10.8.x In the long run you will be much happier and will have saved yourself 15.00 buck by NOT buying Marine Park Empire!

by BU2B, USA - Jul 14th 2013
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Tropico 3: Gold Edition

Too many crashes

Over all a great game, excellent graphics and sound, but on my iMac 27" it crashes way to much. My suggestion - SAVE A LOT!! Oh, and YES you can play AND create Scenario's EVEN on the Mac Version. You can also create a custom island, goals, resources, etc. I'd have to say the replay value is excellent! To find out how... RTFM You'll find it very instructive on Random Island (from Sandbox mode) and Scenarios (how to create and play them.) IF the crash issue was fixed, I'd give this 6 Stars.

by BU2B, USA - Mar 3rd 2012
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Cultures Northland

Good Game - Classic Game Play

IF you like the original PPC 'Northlands' or if you like Settlers you're sure to like Cultures: Northland. Hats off to Rune-Soft for the intel conversion!!!

Classic game play EXACTLY the same as in 'Northlands' as it is the same game converted to Intel.
Extensive tutorials to help you get started.
Good to see this one not die due to LION's lack of ROSETTA.
Freeplay mode and Multiple Game Level options make for virtually unlimited game play.
Cute Characatures and sounds.
Game can easily be made to display in widescreen by editing just one file.
Runs smoothly with no Graphic or Gameplay glitches on Lion.
DRM does NOT require a constant internet access to play like 'some' games and can therefore be played virtually anywhere on your laptop.
Tons of character options from job, tools, housing, marraige, children -boy/girl-, work location, etc.

Graphics could have used an upgrade - a bit pixelated when zoomed in if using a large display.
No in game option for widescreen displays.
IF you owned the origianl 'Northlands' you get to pay for it again due to LION's lack of ROSETTA support.
No Users or Game Manual.
No multiplayer available - just like the original 'Northlands' PPC game.

NOTE:- For those with widescreen displays the game can quickly and easily be made to display in widescreen by doing the following:

- Run the game once and select any 'Video' options you would like from the Settings button (only available once you have selected Freeplay/Tutrial/Single User - Campaign)
- Open ~/Library/Applications Support/com.rune-soft.culturesnorthland/
- Duplicate the 'config.xml' file (just in case)
- Edit the original config.xml file with Dashcode or your favourite XML editor to your desired widescreen display mode (e.g., 1600 X 900). Insure this is a valid widescreen display for your device and save the file.
- That's it! Now everything except the first Rune-Soft startup screen will display and play in widescreen with no problems. DO NOT change Video options any further in Settings or else your widescreen display option will be overwritten.

by BU2B, USA - Jan 23rd 2012
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Prince of Persia

Update Issues...

Keeps saying that an update is available each time I launch the game... it downloads the update... verifies and start... then... Next time I start the game it says 'an update is available do I want to install it now' happens each time I start the game. Appears to work fine, except that It keeps asking if I want to install the update, installs it if I say yes, then, next time... It's like deja vu all over again! :( no response from UBI to my inquiries regarding the issue... Great game, works and plays fantastic on my 27 inch iMac i5... but the update thing is getting old fast!

by BU2B, USA - Jul 19th 2011
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Great Game

Fantastic game. To the user who is having problems with scoping... IF you are using a Magic Mouse, 'that' is the problem NOT the game. Continue using Left Mouse Click for scoping and q to fire OR purchase a cheap regular 2 button mouse (scoping works fine... it's the magic mouse... really!) OR try a free magic mouse programming tool like magic prefs to assign a left tap as a left click. Over all, This game ROCKS! My only problem... I can't get it to recognize my iShockX game pad... but as keyboard layout is programmable it's not a BIG issue... but still an issue none the less.

by BU2B, USA - Jan 3rd 2011
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The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

The Settlers 7: Paths to a Kingdom

Great game... when it works, which is where the problem comes in. For the first week I couldn't play it all, it simply would not connect to the server, and without a constant internet connection... TO THE SERVER, the game will simply exit. That issue appeared to have cleared its-self up, now after playing 4 levels of the campaign, all I get is a message saying Server Error: Failed to load Map - the game then has to be force quit as all that is available is a black screen and a cursor. When it does work, it is amazing. Great graphics, good sound, classic Settlers play with lots of options. HOWEVER, as it doesn't work for single player campaign anywhere close to reliably (it has been 5 days now and I still get the Map Failed to load and black screen of death... I will have to say give this one a miss until UBISoft works out some of it's server issues. When it does, then go for it you won't be disappointed, until then, give this one a miss. You will only end up being frustrated and feeling ripped off at not being able to play the game you payed for.

by BU2B, USA - Apr 8th 2010
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Animated Breakout

The best animated breakout game to date for the Mac. Nice Fluid graphics. Extensive replayability. Great sound. You can't go wrong with this one. The most entertaining breakout game I have ever played, Mac or otherwise. Simple, but addictive... FANTASTIC value!

by BU2B, USA - May 15th 2009
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Postal 2: Share The Pain

Missing Level Editor

It's true the game is only as violent as you play it... but it would be nice if the advertised LEVEL EDITOR "PostalED' was actually included! Once again... you own a Mac, you pay the same for the software as the PC version but get less! ARRGH!!!

by BU2B, USA - Jan 8th 2007
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