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Superb Tactical Game

Unlike the previous reviewer, I haven't had any problems with the game on my iMac. Plus and Minus buttons speed up or slow down the game, and it can be paused with the space bar. Note, you can pause the game and give units multiple orders to do in sequence.

This game is the most realistic simulation of WWII armor and infantry tactics I have ever come across. Superb.

It makes intelligence gathering supreme and punishes you for calvary charges with tanks or troops. Just like real battles. It has hundreds of tactical options in each battle and also lowers your performance rating for reloading saved games. Brilliant.

Finally, this game made by a Russian company plays no national favorites. For once, no "good guys." You can be the Germans, Anglos or Russians in the same theaters and see the difficulties each side faced. Thoughtful.

My only problem is that once you play a campaign, you can't go back to individual chapters or scenarios. And though there is a custom scenario load feature, I haven't found where to get any.

Still, one of the best war games I have ever seen: riveting, challenging and educational.

by Curtis Kelly, Japan - Jul 10th 2008
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