Reviews by Elias Chapelle

Assassin's Creed 2 Deluxe Edition

Beautiful but inept play

How did this game make it to primetime? The graphics are wonderful and the storyline (what I could see of it) is great, but Assassins Creed 2 has the worst control system I have ever seen making it virtually unplayable. Perhaps it is because I am not a console gamer but would have it killed Ubisoft to simplify the controls for computer keyboards and to provide help that was not icon based? My time is too valuable to waste learning this game. I had no problems with the DERM but I could see how it could be a problem if I had installed it on my laptop instead of my desktop. In fact the difficulty of assigning keys would have made it impossible to play on my laptop. As it is you need 3 hands for keyboard/mouse interaction. Don't waste your money like I did.

by Elias Chapelle, USA - Mar 11th 2011
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Rome: Total War™ - Gold Edition

Rome Delivered

What other games about Rome promises, Rome: Total War delivers. The best game on Roman warfare ever if not the best of any other historical era.

by Elias Chapelle, USA - Mar 9th 2011
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If only it were not buggy

A much needed game for the Mac platform is filled with glitches and performance bugs. I have installed my copy on 3 different Macs and have had the same problems; crashes, lost saves files, and glitchy mouse controls. Too bad that such a good looking and needed game for the Mac is such a bust. I am sorry I wasted my money on this. Not recommended.

by Elias Chapelle, USA - Nov 29th 2010
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Commander: Europe At War

A Niche filed ... Almost

It is hard not to like this game. It fills a niche long absent for Mac gamers and it became one of my favorite games because the of the subject matter and ease of play. The problems with the game have been written about elsewhere but none of them are really significant - sound corruption, java based app runs hot, and so on. The only real problem with CEAW is on a more basic level and with any other game would merit a 2 star rating rather an a 4 star. And here it is: No matter how you play this game, the game follows a pre-determined script of events which cannot be altered no matter if you play single or multi-player, i.e., Germany always invades the USSR, the USSR always attacks Germany, the German navy is either ineffectual or impossible to beat depending on the mode of play you choose, and so on. Despite these faults it is still a great game.

UPDATE: I still play this great game and find it very enjoyable. Scripting faults have all been fixed thanks to the game's fan base who have re-written the game and have greatly expanded it. It is up to version 3.10 [soon to be released will be version 3.20) and the update is free. The original price of the game has also been reduced to $29.99 if you purchase from the game's original developers.
And one final note. This game runs perfectly under newer Mac OSs. I use OS 10.11.3. Like the companion Game Commander: Napoleon at War, the problem was with Java, not the game itself.

by Elias Chapelle, USA - Oct 12th 2010
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Europa Universalis: Rome

Only for fans

This is not a review but an observation of selling policy by VP. The game itself is difficult to play, but is by far the easiest of the EU series, and not to everyone's taste.

I have purchased other VP programs and have always found them difficult but fascinating. I guess I continue to buy them because I crave strategy games and they are sorely lacking on the Mac platform...I will correct myself... They are non-existent on the Mac platform. Therefore anything is better than nothing at all. However EU: Rome presents a problem like others in the VP series: The cost is too high for what you get.

The Windows versions are significantly cheaper, and by significantly, I mean $19.95 per game. Though I am willing to pay the Mac premium, the difference in price is far too great. I recently bought the EU: Rome boxed version for Windows. Like other VP Games, VP products quickly enter the game remainder market at discount prices and I bought at at a remainder house. My EU: Rome game contained a printed manual, a CD disk, a large map of the Roman empire, and a hard shell plastic case. When I compare this purchase to a digital download, I cannot justify the higher expense of $40.00 for a digital download. If EU: Rome was a more reasonable $20, I might buy it, burn a disk, and add it to my already purchased windows version package. At least I would also have a readable manual and map from my windows package. By the way, the remainder price for my windows version of EU: Rome was $6.00.

by Elias Chapelle, USA - May 5th 2009
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