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Book of Legends

Not a keeper...

I found the game to be story heavy. There's a fine line between too much story and just enough. This was way too talky and the puzzles weren't exactly puzzles since you are told what to look for and exactly what to do with it all through the game. So not great as a puzzler but decent as an HO. The mini-games are actually different versions on the HO theme.

If you like challenging casuals this probably wouldn't fit the bill but if you just want a variation of the standard HO then this works well for super casual players.

by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Nov 26th 2008
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Hoyle Card Games 2008

Ho Hum

Yeah, besides being unchallenging because of the the bug that deals the same first hand every time, it also scores many games completely inaccurately, even according to their official rules. My advice....wait til they have a patch for this one!

I do like the enjoyment to earning points and being able to "virtual buy." That's something I enjoyed in the puzzle and board game and it's more fun in this one.

by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Nov 12th 2008
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G2 - Geeks Unleashed

Are you kidding with this game?

I'm an avid casual game player. You might even say I'm a geek. And I have never been so disappointed in a game purchase as I was with G2-Geeks Unleashed. First, obviously made for 5 yr olds, which is cool, if you say that in the description. Second, this game was SO SHORT that if I hadn't let the hour trial run out because I was distracted and left the game up on my computer for an hour...I would have beaten it in that hour. My bad. But the game makers and the Mac store should really try to be less obvious when making a very shallow game that isn't even close to a $20 value. Don't bother with this game, trust me. You'll just up angry!

by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Sep 13th 2008
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Why isn't this game #1?

This game is seemingly simple at first...but then the real fun begins! My daughter and I had a fantastic time trying to get from level to level and trust me there were many times we were stuck! This game is as fun as it is challenging to the cerebellum. Why isn't it the top game on the list of popular games is what I'd like to know. Because unlike the endless run of sim, hidden object puzzles and the like, casual gaming has gotten rather boring. Not with Crumb. You get great challenging game play, the best personalized tech support I've ever had and many hours of challenging fun. I hope Crumb 2 comes out soon and is even harder than the first.

by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Aug 17th 2008
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Women's Murder Club: Death In Scarlet

Worst game EVER!

I have been an avid "casual" gamer for quite sometime and probably download 1 or 2 games a week. I'm an old nerd. Anyway, this was the most repetitive, boring, waste of money. It was as if it were written and programmed for and by 8 year olds. It's not the least bit challenging if you like's plain stupid if you like Patterson's stories and it's programmed so badly that I think the programmers literally phoned this in from home. It's a very short game. Just when you clinch the killer by the way my download crashed every time. And trust me there was no way I was going to waste more time re-doing an already stupid and tedious level a THIRD time. UGH! I want my time and money back. Can you tell I hated it. I've never bothered to write a review before. I'll write some positive reviews on the good games too. Hate to just be negative!

by Linda Rosenfield, USA - Aug 12th 2008
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