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Amazing RPG
by Alexis T Bell, USA - Apr 2nd 2015

If you ever played a table top RPG, this is the game you've always wanted to play on your computer. You don't just choose a race and a class, but a background a country that influence the interactions throughout the game. As the game progresses you get a stronghold that you can grow and develop. And instead of a 'good vs evil' meter, there are complicated choices that let you choose different sides. The 'villian' you go on a quest to kill may have a different story, and may ask you to take his side. This is a very deep game I anticipate replaying over and over.

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Wonderful Game
by Alexis T Bell, USA - Mar 30th 2015

I love this game. It's a great new take on the Civilization style game, the graphics are beautiful, the different races a lot of fun, and they each bring a very different play style making it challenging.

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I want to love it but. . .
by Alexis T Bell, USA - Jun 3rd 2014

I want to love this game. As a kid I had Might & Magic IV and V and loved them and I was glad to hear there was a similar play style. I love this sort of interface, but it's annoying that my ranged weapons and spells can only hit something in a straight line from my group. I don't know why arrows can only travel on a straight line. This takes away from the strategy in certain arreas, forcing you to step right in front of an enemy, instead of being able to draw them closer.
Also, I've had the game crash and have graphics glitches on my 15inch retina with 16gb of ram and 1gb of VRAM. I can play games like Dragon Age II without out so much as a hichup, but a few times playing this game I've gotten weird polygons that cover up what you are supposed to see. I don't mind the graphics style they've chosen, I like it, but I should have any graphics issues playing it.

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