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Short humorous adventure of pilgrims in a fairy tale


Pilgrims is a short hand drawn adventure card game with fairy tale about 4 pilgrims.

What story? 3/3 Good. ☑

You are watching your pilgrims play card game at the beginning. They separate their own ways and it's up to you to befriend them so you can solve rather simple riddles. First walkthrough finished in 30 minutes. Second was speed run in 15 minutes.

Game play? 3/3 Good. ☑

An adventure game offers various items to try and even if you don't get the right one, you get to see animation for it. You can combine characters and items (cards on the bottom screen) simply by drawing them in right order. Each character has their abilities with the cards you own and are treating the puzzles and NPCs differently.

Replay value? 3/3 Good. ☑

One of main features of the game is that you will unlock new little stories as you solve puzzles in different ways and so you have 45 achievements to unlock. I had 20 unlocked after two runs. Having possibly extra 30 minutes of content.

Graphics? 3/3 Good. ☑

Its hand drawn style and funny animations are self explanatory even without sound that only adds to great atmosphere.

Music? 3/3 Good. ☑

Music is brilliant, it spans from string to wind instruments and filled with electronics altogether in uplifting, rather cheering theme, voices are intelligible in Czech but mostly fit in as blabbering, and ambient sounds are spot on relaxing.

Hardware requirements? Non gaming. ☑

How difficult? Easy. ☑

How long? Less than 2 hours. ☑

Verdict 6/6 it's humorous logic game, slightly drastic animations, happy music, atmospheric sounds, little harsh words, distinctive characters, nicely drawn graphics.

I'd say it is focused on age 7+, if you considered getting this as bedtime story for your child.

by Matej S.4, Ireland - Jul 25th 2020
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