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Reviews by Ghislain G.

Empire of Sin: Premium Edition

Waste of money don't pay for this game

Don't get this. Bugged, UI don't help you. Sometime you get stuck in a convo, sometime you get stuck in combat, when it the turn of the ennemi but he do nothing, then you have to reload. You want to attack an NPC, but half the time you misclick, even it you click on the unit or his box. If you're unlucky, your unit end up running in the middle of the arena where it get shot. A quest made me attack a casino, and EVERY faction, in the city (even the one ennemy with the faction who owned the casino) asked me to explain myself and give it back, even if I gave it back 6hrs ago. So I ended up at war with most of them, making the game also unplayable as all your place get raided. If you really want to try it, get it for free with the X-Box GamePass. Really not worth the price. Bought the deluxe pack, but I'd be better burn that money.

by Ghislain G., Canada - Mar 24th 2021
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