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A unique genre mash-up
by Shanna Flaschka, USA - Mar 14th 2014

I love any game that requires me to do multi-step "quests," and this one not only has that aspect, but combines genres that I love. It's got some puzzle solving, simulation, action, and more. I enjoy building the campsites, mining, cooking, and foraging, in order to complete goals. On top of it, there's a great story line, complete with a greedy villain.

Definitely worth the purchase.

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Listen up developers: we want more like this!
by Shanna Flaschka, USA - Dec 30th 2013

Similar to Virtual Villagers except more transparent in terms of goals. I wish there were more games like this! It actually reminds me of Gemini Lost and Wandering Willows, and those are games my kids and I play again and again.

Hidden object games are fun, but don't boast the kind of replay appeal that strategy and simulation games have, much less the better time management games.

The Promised Land is part strategy, part simulation. Your job is to run the island by assigning jobs based on citizens' preferences. Along the way, there are challenges such as things to build, pirates to fight (Angry Birds style!), and houses to rearrange. Like Gemini Lost, you also need to build up knowledge points in order to learn new skills and gain more structures.

Seriously, I can't imagine someone NOT enjoying this.

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A diner dash with something extra
by Shanna Flaschka, USA - Jan 14th 2007

This is just like Diner Dash, but for the Harry Potter fans among us. Instead of just taking the order, you must fill it for the correct potion. One thing I LOVE is that you can queue you moves, up to four places.

The only thing I would like is the ability to choose the upgrades to the Inn, a la Diner Dash 2.

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