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RollerCoaster Tycoon 3: Platinum

Ugh... D:

I have the disk for it, including the waterpark expansion... but i cannot find. its fun too, lol. but still i'd love to finally find that disk.

by Caperica, USA - Jul 27th 2015
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Great Game!

I didnt think I would like the point and click thing, but this game is good. Very engaging storyline with superb voicing. The voice actors really made a compelling story better. The scenes were very pretty and I hated for it to end. Its a bit of surprise at the end. I wish they had the first to this story for Mac, but apparently its PC only. But it doesnt dimmish this sequel at all from what I have heard. Dont be afraid to buy. Its very enjoyable.

by Caperica, USA - Oct 22nd 2013
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Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic


Love this game. Wish their were more like this. Not just a hack and slash type game, but decisions that effect the outcome and the player directly. The story line is great with many surprises.This is absolutely my favorite. Characters are great, voice over is done well. I love the choices you have. You really can control much. Love it!

by Caperica, USA - Jun 8th 2013
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Spandex Force

Enjoyed it

I really liked a lot of this game. It was not to hard to complete, but still challenging. It was refreshing to find something not full of witchcraft and magic for a change. I will not buy a game with all that stuff in it. This was about super heros and their rivals. I bought it and would let my kids play it.

by Caperica, USA - Aug 10th 2008
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Robin Hood: The Legend of Sherwood

Great fun game

This was really fun, not hard to learn the action plays. 3 levels of play, easy normal and hard. Lots of adventures to go on and things can change as you choose what to do in each scenario. Enjoyable game. If you want fun and game time without much hassle, this is great. The only thing I would change is the scenes in the woods where the men attack solders or the tax collector. Those scenes are pretty much all the same. That part gets a bit boring, but still fun. I have not tried the next two difficulty levels yet. I thought I would start out on the easy and still I had to replay challenges. Use the quick actions, they help a lot. Tally ho and onward Robin Hood fans!

by Caperica, USA - May 18th 2008
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Chocolatier 2: Secret Ingredients

Liked it a lot

I wish they had more to it,

It ended far to quickly and I wished you could do more with the lab. You had to stay within the confines of the game. I liked it so much I wanted a 3rd version. Like the guy above, After winning, there is no challenge to go back and play again, as you know all the answers and the challenge is gone. The adventure story games like this are great fun without putting too much time into it. You can come back to the story without having to learn a lot of hard stuff just to have a relaxing time.

by Caperica, USA - May 5th 2008
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