Reviews by H K.1

Circle Empires

It's easy to play with

It's for smartphones originally, so it's easy to play.
It has a lot of character and is deeply enjoyable.

by H K.1, Japan - Aug 13th 2020
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Cities: Skylines - Industries

Good DLC


[There are many DLCs, but if you are asked which DLC to choose, they are Parklife, Industries, then MassTransit, AfterDark, Snowfall.
I think that is so important. Well, I do not need to use DLC.]

by H K.1, Japan - Jul 22nd 2019
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Cities: Skylines

It is the best city

This is very recommended.
The city upbringing thing has only SimCyty and SimEarth (the first generation), but evolves very much in comparison with those days so far.
It is fun and forgets time and plays.
It is all right, but buys it just carelessly without DLC.

by H K.1, Japan - May 25th 2019
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