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Life is Strange: Before the Storm Deluxe Edition Icon
A Memorizing Game!
by Kellina G., USA - Oct 6th 2018

This memorable game really tugged at my heartstrings. It was undoubtedly an emotional gameplay since I knew the fate of Rachel Amber and Chloe Price. In the first game, Life is Strange, we didn't get to see the complex nature of Rachel's and Chloe's friendship at all. However, in this prequel, you begin to really understand how deep their friendship ran. Even though her unique personality can be self-involved at times, I am a true Rachel Amber fan! I'm so delighted the developers decided to showcase her wild personality and bond with Chloe in this prequel. The gameplay mimics the first Life is Strange game, however, there are no superpowers involved. Once you have made a decision, it cannot be undone. The storyline is rich and filled with twists that keep you in suspense. The characters are well developed and have great dialogue with one another. The soundtrack is amazing! The soundtrack compelled me to look on Spotify for certain songs. In total, it took me 13 hours to complete the entirety of the three episodes. With that said, this game will keep you busy for a while. I have yet to play the bonus episode, but I am sure I will love it. Overall, I appreciate this game more so than the first game. The bond between Chloe and Rachel really intrigued me and it was nice being able to stick with a decision without the pressure of using powers. This game is one of the few that achieves a nostalgic, melancholy, and wondrous feeling when playing.

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Broken Age Icon
Loved It!
by Kellina G., USA - Jan 4th 2018

This really is a fantastic game! The storyline and the characters are so well developed that the game will completely engross you. I especially loved the humor, specifically Jack Black's character. His character was hilarious and had me laughing at every comment the character made. This game mainly consists of pointing and clicking and figuring out puzzles. As previous reviews have mentioned, episode one's puzzles were more logical and easier to figure out. Episode two's puzzles were definitely harder and had me looking at walkthroughs on occasion. Nevertheless, don't let episode two's difficulty cloud your judgement about the overall quality of this game. If you do, you would be missing out on an outstanding game.

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Californium Icon
What Is This Game Even About?
by Kellina G., USA - Jan 4th 2018

After completing this game, I'm still confused about the storyline and the ending. The storyline starts out promising but falls flat. The gameplay is fairly simple. You have to navigate the character to find several glowing symbols. That's it. That's all you do in the game. Basically, it's a pricey digital version of hide and seek, except you do all the seeking. The ending is confusing. It doesn't really answer any of the questions you might have had during the game. I gave this game two stars because, although the storyline and the gameplay were underwhelming, the graphic design was really cool. The different colors and the 2D characters were an appealing touch to the game. However, despite this strength, it still not worth the money.

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Machinarium Icon
Such An Unexpected Surprise!
by Kellina G., USA - Jan 4th 2018

Normally, I play shooter/action games and crave the adrenaline that shooter and action games normally give you. So imagine my surprise when I bought this point and click game and instantly fell in love with the gameplay and the design. I was worried that this game would easily bore me, however, it did the complete opposite. I was completely absorbed by the gameplay and the puzzles. While some puzzles are difficult, the majority of the puzzles are logical. The best part is that you don't have to exit out of the game and search an online walkthrough if you get stumped. The game offers hints and an entire walkthrough if you truly cannot figure out what to do next. The designs in this game are beyond cool and the characters are humurous at times. Overall, this game is exceptional.

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Soulless: Ray Of Hope Icon
Interesting....but frustrating
by Kellina G., USA - May 12th 2017

For starters, this game has beautiful graphics. The graphics alone are a work of art. The soundtrack is also beautiful. The music engages you while you battle monsters and walk through toxic lands. The storyline is also engaging. You quickly get immersed into the storyline as you try to help your friend. Now comes the fustrating part: the gameplay. The gameplay is entertaining and challenging at times, however, the main character dies too easily. This is especially frustrating when battling boss characters. In order to truly appreciate the gameplay, you have to be patient because the main character is prone to die multiple times throughout the entire game. The main character does not have a health bar so he will die instantly when exposed to dangerous threats. Though the graphics, the music, and the storyline are great, the patience factor is what made me give this game three stars.

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Return to Mysterious Island Icon
Difficult at Times But Overall Great Game
by Kellina G., USA - Mar 28th 2017

I love this game! It has a good storyline, good graphics, a strong, female character, and a puzzle based format. Though I admit some of the puzzles are hard in this game which had me searching for walkthroughs online, it was, overall, an entertaining game. The game is a bit short, but the gameplay is worth it!

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Never Alone Arctic Collection Icon
Great Game But Does Not Save
by Kellina G., USA - Mar 17th 2017

This game is amazing in every way! From the graphics to the storyline to the soundtrack it is all spectacular...however the game does not save your progress. The game does not give you the option to save. I have lost all my progress twice now. Others have experienced the same problem. If you plan on playing this game in one sitting then definitely buy it! If not, look for another game that has the option to save.

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