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Helps with the late game lacking
by Victor G.13, Bulgaria - Jan 30th 2018

Trying to enjoy the game, but in the mid-game you get spammed with "RESOURCE STOCKPILE IS FULL!" and you see your minerals being full, no matter what you do? This helps by making your credits give you problems instead.
So far as I have seen, this DLC has 3 main features:
-First of all, you have some spooky creatures floating around the galaxy... and they aren't really friendly. When you manage to defeat them, they pretty much give your fleet steroids (insane armour and weapons tech)
-Second is the enclave system. There are a few outposts scattered across the galaxy, which if found can allow for some communication and trading. There are 3 types of enclaves, each with their own benefit to the empires that find them.
-The war in heaven (which actually isn't in Heaven) is supposed to make the lackluster late game offer more variety. Basically at the start of the game ( if you didn't turn them off in the settings ) you can find some fallen empires - they are ancient empires who have lost a lot of their former lands, but are still in a very good shape in terms of technology and power. Once they awaken, they become a little bit more hostile and declare war on everyone. With the DLC, they go to war with each other and you can choose a side ( they will be angry if you don't ).
I played without any DLC and struggled a lot, then I found out this DLC is a thing and the game is much more enjoyable when you don't get spammed by notifications about full stockpiles.. plus the other things like the guardians that float around the galaxy.

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Lovely addition
by Victor G.13, Bulgaria - Jan 30th 2018

DEPTH! No, not the game, but that is sort of what this game actually lacked.
My favourite part are the ascension perks. TL:DR they are what you get when you complete a tradition tree. Their benefits are pretty universal and you choose one yourself - be it border range, research speed or something much more grandeur.
Other thing this DLC provides are new government types. Most are pretty... radical. Another allows you to give your species friends. That is a pretty big gap between eating others and giving your species friends. Not a big fan of eating aliens tho.
Next.. Right, indoctrination. In the base game, you're allowed to uplift species that are both on your own planets, or on their separate worlds. Usually they get other.. ideas, or ethics, which ends up messing up with your factions. Indoctrination prevents that by "forcing' them to adopt your ethics.
The advanced slavery part is what allows you to eat other aliens.. But it offers more things too, like domestic servants.
Habitats and Megastructures are the "grandeur" things that I mentioned earlier. They cost a lot AND take forever to be built, but their yields... are amazing. Science, credits, your own planets in a way. (Keep in mind ringworlds count towards your cored systems limit).
This is way too mandatory to be left aside. Well, not really, but what it offers is what the game needs for the depth. Much better when coupled with the Leviathans story pack.

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