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Stellaris: Apocalypse

Some good additions supporting a great free update

This DLC adds a few small but flavoursome additions to the game that are really there to complement the 2.0 Update which overhauled the way that travel, wars and territory (among other sweeping changes) work in the game. Although this DLC is definitely one of the less 'essential' pieces for this game, it is a nice addition and supports the continued development of the game which is worth it in itself, I believe.

by bills6693, United Kingdom - Mar 7th 2018
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Bomber Crew

Engaging and fun, best without save-scumming!

This game reminds me of games like FTL and XCOM, and is very fun. I tried it save-scumming but actually started again without doing that and found it more fun when accepting my losses.

The FTL element in my mind is the controlling of crew around the aircraft, moving them between stations and to go repair parts, put out fires etc. With crewmen going out on the wings, bringing up ammo to reload guns, and saving injured crewmates, it keeps you concentrating and on your toes.

The XCOM element comes from the game structure of going out on missions, then returning to base to upgrade your gear and aircraft between. With rewards from every mission, this generates an engaging and fun loop.

Additionally, you will take some losses. Sometimes crew will be downed and you can't save them all, or occasionally you will find yourself in so much trouble your plane crashes or does an emergency landing. This is generally from over-reaching and getting yourself into a situation you shouldn't have, including from selecting a mission you have been warned may be very dangerous (but may have higher rewards). This loss and rebuilding/recovering is another great element of the game and I would recommend against avoiding it like I did at first! The game is well balanced around you taking losses and recovering from this so fear not!

by bills6693, United Kingdom - Feb 17th 2018
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Stellaris: Humanoids Species Pack

Some nice additional content

This pack includes the headline features of new portraits and especially a whole new ship set, plus some nice extras like a few new (re-mixed) pieces of music to add to the soundtrack variety. Certainly not essential but in such a huge game some extra variety is certainly appreciated!

by bills6693, United Kingdom - Feb 17th 2018
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