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Good game, problems with installation
by sankun, United Kingdom - Dec 28th 2016

Good game and pretty much a timeless classic. The only problem I had was with the distribution of this game by wingamestore. The game barfs mid-play through with an error "please insert CD".

After looking at the game logs, which look something like this:

Starting cinematic playback 'C2_HansAnnaB.syb'...User has task switched: deactivating.
Insert CD dialog box: Please insert the DVD entitled 'Syberia'
Looking for file 'VideoANC2_HansAnnaB.syb'User pressed CANCEL: aborting application.

It seems to be looking for a file "VideoAN\C2_HansAnnaB.syb" which doesn't exist! Of course, the file itself exists at VideoANC2_HansAnnaB.syb (notice the difference in file name). I got around this by creating the said directory and copying the relevant files but wasn't really expecting this sort of workaround to be done.

So basically full stars for the game and 1 star for the installation issues!

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