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The Walking Dead

Best Telltale Game

This is a excellent well developed game that gets you involved with the characters on an emotional level. The storyline rarely gets dull.
The action scenes which require interactions can be tricky at times but not too difficult to get right, After you get through a few action scenes the required interactions become more intuitive.
This is a better game than the Game Of Thrones game published by Telltale games and I have purchased the sequels "The Walking Dead 400 Days", "The Walking Dead: Michonne" and "The Walking Dead: Season 2", I can wait to play them all.
The only criticism I can make is the first game follows the events depicted in the comics and NOT the television series, However I have only played the first game in the series of "The Walking Dead" games.
But this is still an excellent game well worth purchasing and playing for hours of entertainment.

by jputting, Australia - Jun 19th 2017
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Game of Thrones - A Telltale Games Series (Telltale Key)

Good Game For Game Of Thrones Fans

This is a good game that most fans of the show "Game Of Thrones" will enjoy.

As previous reviewers have mentioned the game is not an action based style of game, There is a lot of character interaction via dialogue and decision making which ultimately do not significantly alter the end of the game. This game would have been a lot more enjoyable with many more action scenes included.

However the storyline is still interesting and engaging with good graphics, More effort could have been made to make the characters more realistic in appearance but the game overall is true to the television series and can be regarded as an untold tale.

I am dismayed that MacgameStore still have NOT updated their version of this game to include the patch you are asked to install when you begin playing this game as that patch requires another 2GB download which could be avoided if MacGameStore updated their version of this game to include that patch.

by jputting, Australia - May 22nd 2017
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Solitaire: Victorian Picnic

Nice Solitaire Game In Victorian Style.

This a nicely done Victorian style Solitaire game in which you basically make pairs of cards to remove them from the board. A certain number of special gold colored cards have to be removed in each level to achieve a perfect score.

As you play you earn coins which can be used to get Joker cards, Reshuffle Deck and Reverse Last Action options.

The gameplay is repetitive, but this criticism can also be true of any other type of Solitaire game or match 3 game.

Most of the artwork is nicely done but there are some scenes in which the artwork could be improved.

There is also pleasant period music softly playing in the background which adds to the pleasure of playing this game. If music is not to your taste it be disabled.

If you like the Victorian period and want a uniquely themed Solitaire game this is nice little game.

by jputting, Australia - May 4th 2017
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Frankenstein: Master of Death

Good Hidden Object Game

This is a good hidden object game with an interesting variety of mini-games, However the hidden object scenes are simply done and not as difficult as hidden object scenes in other games of this genre.

Overall this is an enjoyable hidden object game.

by jputting, Australia - May 4th 2017
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Monopoly Classic

Game Works Well On macOS Sierra 10.12.4

This Monopoly is true to the original in gameplay and appearance and I have had NO issues playing this game when installed on macOS Sierra 10.12.4

It's most enjoyable and I'm glad that I can now play a good game of Monopoly on my mac.

by jputting, Australia - May 3rd 2017
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Hoyle Puzzle & Board Games 2012

Good Collection Of Classic Games

Hoyles Puzzle and Board games 2012 is a good collection of classic games with AI opponents that respond with humourous remarks.

The user interface has a few bugs that need correction, The games scores over lap the names of players in certain games and this Hoyle Puzzle and Board Game 2012 is still in 4:3 aspect ratio and it can't be configured to fill the screen on 16:9 widescreen monitors.

The is still a good collection of classic games despite those issues.

by jputting, Australia - May 3rd 2017
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Excellent Scrabble For Mac

Works flawlessly when installed on macOS Sierra 10.12.4
and is true to the original game.

Can be played as a single person game or as in normal Scrabble you can have up to 4 players.

I highly recommend this version of Scrabble.

by jputting, Australia - Apr 6th 2017
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Travel Riddles: Trip to Greece

Very Enjoyable Game

This game has nice artwork depicting Greek scenes and features little tidbits of trivia about ancient and modern greek.

Another delightful feature is the beautiful and simple greek Bouzouki tunes playing in the background to make games even more enjoyable.

I also like the fact that you can choose either timed game play or relaxed untimed play modes.

Overall this is a very enjoyable game.

by jputting, Australia - Apr 6th 2017
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