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Reviews by Peter L.4

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Not working! Don't buy this!!!!
by Peter L.4, Germany - Nov 29th 2016

The game will crash when you change the resolution to anything higher than 800x600 There is a game crash about every half-hour and the campaign crashes once you have reached a certain mission. I have tried this game now on three different macs but the failures stay the same at the exact same moments which proofs that it is a problem within the game. Unfortunately I have read the comments on your side concerning this game after I already bought it. There are so many comments addressing the same problems. EA won't give me any support for the mac version of Command and Conquer Red Alert 3. I have tried the suggested solutions to change the resolution but they don't work.. it always switches back. and playing on low resolution isn't even the main problem I wouldn't mind if the game was working fine.

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