Reviews by Matias G.

Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare

Issues, galore.

1) Player movement gets stuck on inanimate objects. For example, if you sprint down a stairway, you'll most likely get stuck on its railing when you turn the corner.

2) Player movement gets stuck when you start over repeatedly and have your fingers on the buttons, ready to go.

3) You're given an impossible task of beating a nine-minute clock during one of the missions, which requires you to boringly die way too many times. I sprinted through it, killing everyone along the way, but the slow opening door messes it all up. Game is ruined because of this.

by Matias G., USA - May 29th 2018
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Deus Ex: Human Revolution - Ultimate Edition

Was good until having to play that stupid machine gun boss.

So, you go stealth all game long and then encounter a boss that requires a ridiculous amount of movement and ammo to defeat. I hate this stuff. Absolutely hate it. Games are RUINED by poorly designed bosses. I can no longer go anywhere in this game because of this stupid part.

by Matias G., USA - Mar 21st 2018
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Dream Pinball 3D

It was fun...

...until I realized that the game is designed to prevent players from getting the top score in the dino level. I have almost a billion points in all the other levels, but you're lucky to break 100 million in that one. From the constant pain of trying to get the ball up a ramp, to the incessant gutter balls...this level is rigged.

by Matias G., USA - Aug 28th 2017
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