Reviews by Karen L.1

Cleaning Queens 2


This version is horrible. It takes the same rooms from the first game, just with different items to clean. Its not near as fun and the entire game is lame. Stay away from this one.

by Karen L.1, United States - Jul 27th 2023

Golden Rails: Tales of the Wild West

Love Golden Rails

I may be wrong but I believe this may be the first in the Golden Rails series that was 32 bit but upgraded to 64 bit. The game worked great all the way through, no glitches. This game is different than most of the others, with different things to do and more manual chopping trees and collecting food. It keeps you busy. There are several very challenging levels I haven't ben able to make 3 stars on. It definitely kept me on my toes and was fun to play.

by Karen L.1, United States - May 5th 2023

Golden Rails 5: Valuable Package Collector's Edition

Lots to do

I really do enjoy the Golden Rails games. This one almost drives a person crazy with all that's going on, yet its fun. The others in the series are a bit more relaxing but if you enjoy being busy, busy, busy, this game is for you.

by Karen L.1, United States - Apr 23rd 2023

The Great Empire: Relic of Egypt

Great Game

I have the Ramases game, this must be the second game of the series. I like this one even better than the first. Not only is it challenging, there are new game elements added to virtually every level. No problems playing it at all. Fun game and repeated game play will aslo be fun as there is so much to remember each level.

by Karen L.1, United States - Mar 22nd 2023

Hermes 2: War of the Gods Collector's Edition

Fun game with lots of game play

I have no problem playing this game all the way through. I love the Hermes games , generally takes an entire 8 hours or so to get through one. Lots of difficulty levels to choose from and you have to be a strategist to know which buildings to build and when as well as whether you should upgrade a building. You can only get three stars if you make the right decisions; if you can't get 3 stars, try not upgrading any buildings. I think this is a fun game.

by Karen L.1, United States - Mar 5th 2023

New Yankee 10: Under the Genie's Thumb Collector's Edition

New Gameplay Features!

A revamped version of New Yankee with some surprising gameplay elements that makes this game soar to the top of my favorites list! Its still challenging but its really fun to try to figure out how to get through the levels.

by Karen L.1, United States - Jan 25th 2023

Lost Artifacts Frozen Queen Collector's Edition

Cute game

I had no issues playing the game. Its cute with some features that are fun but overall it tends to get repetitive and doesn't hold my interest. Graphics are very good. Maybe I'm just not smart enough but I had many levels I couldn't get three starts on because there just was no way to get the items I needed quickly enough. I would either ace the level or not. I gave it a 4 just because it is fun at times.

by Karen L.1, United States - Dec 31st 2022

Vacation Adventures: Park Ranger 10 Collector's Edition

Used to work

At the time I purchased it, my computer met minimum requirements. About 4 months after purchase I had an update to my Mac and this game no longer works. Just a big waste of money unless the developers update it.

by Karen L.1, United States - Oct 3rd 2022

Rose Riddle: The Fairy Tale Detective Collector's Edition

Love Rose Riddle

I sure hope they come out with more of these Rose Riddle games. I absolutely love them, have played them over and over and they don't get old.

by Karen L.1, United States - Oct 3rd 2022

Cavemen Tales Collector's Edition

Just like Country Tales

If you like Country Tales, this is the same gameplay with different charachters and different storyline. The play is exactly the same.

by Karen L.1, United States - Apr 29th 2022

Hermes 3: Sibyls' Prophecy

Hermes Sybil's Phrophecy

Enjoying the other Hermes games, I found this one enjoyable although there were no new game elements from the rest. There is no guide, so no cheating. A couple of the levels were challenging, although the last 10 or so levels were too easy and straightforward. Interesting that I purchased this yesterday and today there suddenly appears the Collector's Edition. Bah!

by Karen L.1, United States - Apr 15th 2022

Rose Riddle 2: Werewolf Shadow

Enjoyable game

I liked that this was a sequal to Fairy Tale Detective. It ended abruptly, wish there was a collector's edition. Can't wait for more Rose Riddle games.

by Karen L.1, United States - Mar 19th 2022

Country Tales

Great time management game

Instead of chasing resources over the map, this is a building game that is different from most time management games. I enjoyed it the first time through. The story line was interesting, which is always a plus.

by Karen L.1, United States - Mar 2nd 2022

Golden Rails 3: Road To Klondike Collector's Edition

Fun game

While I liked Golden Rails 2 better because it was more challenging, just note that this game was easy as pie on the normal setting. It was fun but would have been more fun had tit been more challenging. I thought the game lacked some imagination that Golden Rails 2 had. That said, it is better than average so I gave it 4 stars.

by Karen L.1, United States - Feb 12th 2022

Rescue Team 8 Collector’s Edition

Physically painful

This game moves so slowly, compared to the other games, it is physically painful to play. I love the Rescue Team games but NOT THIS ONE.

by Karen L.1, USA - Dec 8th 2021

Golden Rails 2: Small Town Story


Combining strategy and speed, this game will keep you on your toes from start to finish. I found it really fun!

by Karen L.1, USA - Nov 26th 2021

Hermes 4: Tricks Of Thanatos Collector's Edition

Fun game

Fun game the first few times through. The collectors edition bonus games are really lame. Save your money and don't buy the collectors edition.

by Karen L.1, USA - Oct 7th 2021

Incredible Dracula: Witches' Curse

One of my favorites

I love the Incredible Dracula series. I think this one might just be my favorite.

by Karen L.1, USA - Aug 28th 2021

Dark City: Budapest Collector's Edition


Great story line and lengthy game play. I enjoyed this very much.

by Karen L.1, USA - Jun 11th 2021

Incredible Dracula: Legacy Of The Valkyries Collector's Edition

Great game!

I happen to love the Incredible Dracula games and this one is no exception. Although it can be frustrating to figure out how to make a potion or even get the ingredients needed to make it, once you figure it out you can replay the level and get a better score. Just the right amount of challenge and routine.

by Karen L.1, USA - May 30th 2021

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