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The Witcher: Enhanced Edition Director's Cut


This game came at a great price, and looks and runs wonderful. The controls for the movement and attack of the character are extremely clumsy to the point that I couldn't stand to play the game after an hour. It is SO hard to tell when and what the character is attacking. Just click furiously to kill something. No logic.

by R N, Canada - Nov 5th 2012
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Palm Heroes 2 Deluxe

Poor man's Might And Magic

Sometimes clones are fun. This is NOT fun, just frustrating to look at.

This game is a near identical copy of Might And Magic in details such as the creatures and the quantity of creatures gained each week, the special events each week, heros movement and interaction, battles, building cities, the list goes on.

It differs from Might And Magic with graphics so poor that it is sometimes hard to tell what you are clicking on, an mini map so muddled that it is unusable, buildings lacking descriptions for what they do, creatures lack any viewable stats.

In addition, no publisher's detail are given. The official Palm Heros website lacks company information and asks the public to " follow our official Twitter to get in touch".

by RN, Canada - Apr 5th 2012
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Cookie Domination

It's okay

This is basically the game Risk with animations aimed to appeal to young girls, minor story thrown in, and an easy to beat AI. A 7 year old might really like it.

by RN, Canada - Mar 4th 2011
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101 Dino Pets


Every dinosaur you can choose is exactly the same with a slightly different colour. You will win 1st place in the beauty contest every time. You dino will dance for you by swinging its stubby tyrannosaurus arms from side to side while the rest of its body remains motionless.

The game "play" is a Tamogotchi clone. Feed, clean, and entertain the pet to keep it happy and alive. Unfortunately, the pet wont return the favour by entertaining you.

by RN, Canada - Jul 7th 2010
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Wait to buy

A little pricey. $20 would be resonable. The game did crash twice in 3 hours of play. A fantastic concept and game play. I'll wait for a patch and the price to drop a little.

by RN, Canada - Oct 21st 2009
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Larva Mortus


An amazing execution of zombie killing game play. Very replayable. Very fun.

by RN, Canada - May 24th 2008
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Betty's Beer Bar

I won't play it for free

One repetitious action. That's it. That the entire game. Its clear that Mystery Studios only put 10-15 minutes into the entire production of this games.

by RN, Canada - Mar 14th 2008
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