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Cities: Skylines - Sunset Harbor

Nice to have, albeit at a discount

This DLC adds some nice features, such as new waste management, new transport options, new industry (fishing), and recreational flying. Not ground breaking, and more effort could arguably have gone into some elements, but it's not bad and I think it's a nice addition...but I'd suggest you get it a discount.

PS: I think 3 stars (described on WinGameStore as "It's Okay") is a-bit harsh but 4 stars ("It's Great") is a-bit too generous, so I would have given it 3.5 stars if I could...ultimately I decided on 3 stars because "It's Okay" is closer to my opinion about this DLC.

by Christian G.12, - May 6th 2022
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Airport Madness 3D

One of those games which is quick to learn but hard to master.

Synopsis: 7/10; one of those games which is quick to learn but hard to master.

You act as an air traffic controller, directing which planes can land and which can depart an airport. You can delay planes delaying, you can adjust their speed, you can direct planes to taxi on the runway and wait before take-off, and so on...quite basic stuff, and there isn't a whole host of things that you can do. But with an increasing number of planes, increasing number of runways to manage, and emergencies that can take place, it can become quite challenging to avoid collisions and ensure that planes leave/depart the airport in a reasonable amount of time. There are some good scenarios as well to spice things up a-bit.

Whilst the graphics are nothing to shout home about, this is a great game for when you just want something relatively simple, casual yet challenging and thus not boring, and lightweight in terms of resources consumed on your computer (so it doesn't melt your hardware or drain your battery within 15 minutes if you're on a laptop).

by Christian G.12, - Aug 22nd 2021
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This Is The Police

Perhaps not great, but still enjoyable and thus recommended.

Synopsis: 7/10; you're in the shoes of the chief of police, and should thus set the standard in ethics and morality...and yet, you are faced with some, shall we say, 'interesting' choices/decisions...

The main objective of this game is to determine whether to respond to calls made by citizens requesting the help of police, and which policemen to send if you decide it's something worthy of investigation and not some sort of prank call (thus wasting precious resources, in terms of policemen that could have been used for genuine emergencies). You also need to solve cases using detectives, essentially by trying to guess the correct sequence of events and then arresting the perpetrator.
Thankfully, it's not that simple; while the calls you receive are pre-determined (so you could cheat and look up the proper approaches online if so desired), you get to choose the police and detectives that you recruit. Moreover, as the game progresses, you also need to consider the interactions among policemen, finances, and are faced with making some interesting choices...although I don't want to spoil your fun, so I won't comment much further.

I would stop short of calling it a great game, chiefly because there is an element of repetition that may become a-bit tedious, but it is certainly a very good game imho; the simplicity in learning the basics, the storyline, the good music, and the simple yet appealing graphics all combine to make an enjoyable experience.

by Christian G.12, - Aug 22nd 2021
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