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by Aaron Roberts, USA - Apr 13th 2018

This game looks good and runs good doesn't seem to know what legal moves are and aren't. It would not let me move my bishop diagonally, like a bishop is supposed to move. It would let me move any other piece correctly but not the bishop. After I moved another piece, sure enough, a pawn took it. That was enough to delete it and kiss my $5 good bye. So, if they can fix whatever bug was causing this kind of nonsense, it may be a nice chess game.

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Two Worlds II Game of the Year Edition Icon
Great fun
by Aaron Roberts, USA - Nov 4th 2016

This game is great. I'm a casual game player and the controls and gameplay were not EASY, but not difficult either. Once the intro is over it's pretty open world. I've had to limit myself or my whole night after work is running around killing things and sailing. Fun even for a middle aged non-gamer (44). I had one time it crashed and dumped me out but the autosave meant I didn't lose much. Otherwise it's been good.

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The Elder Scrolls Online: Gold Edition Icon
Great game WHEN you can get on and play
by Aaron Roberts, USA - Oct 20th 2016

First, the world is huge. The graphics are great, and the controls are decent. I'm not a huge gamer but found the game easy to get into. The bad, it's when you can get on. The game keeps telling me that my computer is not yet authorized and that a code needs to be sent. They send the code, I get in, and play for a day. The next day, same thing except I don't get any code to log in...same computer...same game...same everything. I may get a code to play today, maybe not. I'll probably be clearing the huge hard drive space, figuring it was a loss on this game, and getting something else. So, it you the first game to be if it will even let you play, great. Otherwise, you may want to look elsewhere.

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