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Great game, but not without flaws
by John Kurokawa, USA - Oct 26th 2006

Ancient Tripeaks II is definitely a quantum leap over its predecessor. The gameplay is great, with fantastic music and graphics, but I have two sticky points:

1. Why no universal binary? Not a major killer, but I was wondering why my Intel Core Duo MacBook Pro was getting so warm, only to find out that Ancient Tripeaks II was consuming 65% of my CPU cycles and 163 MB of RAM??!? Please make it a universal binary so it doesn't have to run under Rosetta!

2. Since this game was released in October of this year, there is absolutely NO reason why this game should not have widescreen support. All Macs being released currently have widescreens; why should a commercial game with so much polish run at only 640x480 with ugly black bands on the left and right sides of the screen? Add widescreen support!

These are the only two nitpicks I have about what is otherwise an excellent game. Definitely worth the download.

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