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Easy to get lost in
by DaLejd, Germany - Oct 7th 2017

Project Highrise is easy to get lost in, both in a good sense of not noticing how the hours fly by as well in a bad sense of that many types of units have various requirements which may at first seem difficult to get a grasp on. After having taken a bit of time to learn about what requirements are needed for what (and realized i.e. that there is a key shortcut to lay e.g. electrical lines for a floor with one click), I found that variety to be a very nice part of the game tho as it offers room for creativity about what type of building one wants. That is that one can focus on having plenty of small offices (of which there are various types) or rather aim to get some corporate HQ/s settled in the building, and/or similarly about apartments. Shops and restaurants come also in various tiers and types, such as with restaurants ranging from small coffee shops and bakeries to large i.e. sports bar and luxury restaurants.

In terms of overall construction it is also somewhat variable, as in that if one wants to build e.g. an upside-down pyramid, not a problem. All that comes with also a range of decorative items one can add. And support for mods (and Steam Workshop) expands on all that even more.

The game comes with a tutorial, a sandbox mode (with different difficulties) and a variety of scenarios which have specific requirements to be achieved.

What I did find not so great about the game is that if one happens to be in a situation of all loans taken and little income where it may take a few in-game days to get enough funds so one can build the next floor (and one already knows what all is in the build-menus), one can't open the in-game reports windows without the game pausing, and even opening Steam overlay pauses the game. And while the game is graphically nice enough in my view for game-play, besides the movement of people in the building there isn't really anything to watch going on, which all made it in that mentioned situation somewhat boring to me. Also, a simple campaign mode would seem nice for such a quite modern game, as in some town map where one could purchase plots for building after having amassed some money from first build with that first build perhaps still giving interest or possible to sell (with such perhaps even being connected to some leader-boards of sorts). Other than that tho, I enjoyed playing it and would be quite hyped if they would announce a 3D sequel for it.

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Project Highrise: Las Vegas Icon
Nice but also soso
by DaLejd, Germany - Oct 7th 2017

Quite enjoyable about this DLC is that it adds even more variety to what can be build and gives even more room for creativity on how one wants their building to be composed.

Hotel rooms come in various tiers with various types, and there is a bit of variety on types of event rooms one can build, including planning events with some revenue from them, while also being able to build casinos (which bring some revenue too).

What I didn't find great about this tho is that on the hotel side of things it seemed not even a hotel garni even if going for all them deluxe rooms (meaning that the hotel doesn't even have its own breakfast room option, and somewhat hard to imagine that 4* or even 5* guests would all be happy to stand in line at a coffee shop for breakfast). Also, no concierge desk, no shuttle bay option (such as for picking guests up from the airport), no outside or garage parking whatsoever, no swimming pool option (however at least a small spa can be added), no hair-dressing service, ... And the types of events are quite limited and not at all considering that e.g. a HQ in building may want to rent out a conference room for a presentation with only invited guests, and many other types of events and functions happening, such as e.g. a banquet of newly-wed (for which one should also be able to hire an event manager to look after).

So in overall, I found this DLC to be nice addition but also rather far from making it seem as if a hotel sim itself were added to the game.

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Project Highrise: Miami Malls Icon
Nice specific content addition, but that is about it
by DaLejd, Germany - Oct 7th 2017

For a small relatively cheap DLC which calls itself "content pack", I was pleasantly surprised about that such content does quite expand on the possibilities of types of shops that can be built. There also are a few additions to other build options, such as i.e. larger storage and ice-cream stand. And it adds a few more scenarios to game.

But if a player didn't care much prior for building shops and doesn't care for building a shopping center, there isn't really anything beyond that in this DLC.

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Project Highrise: Tokyo Towers Icon
Not bad, just quite "meh" for me
by DaLejd, Germany - Oct 7th 2017

This DLC content pack adds new building options in the apartments section, so certainly nice to have even more variety to build with, and the balcony apartments also add some visual variety to the building at large. It also adds decoration items, and a service which picks up trash directly from residents, as in that with such service one doesn't need to have to build a trash bin for apartments on a floor. And the DLC comes with a few more scenarios.

So all in all, certainly some extra content to be had with this DLC. I just didn't find it to be expanding on my game-play, which is why I personally found it to be quite "meh", however someone focusing on building varied residential building will likely find more enjoyment with this DLC.

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Cities: Skylines - Natural Disasters Icon
Nice DLC only if one wants game-play with disasters
by DaLejd, Germany - Oct 7th 2017

This DLC comes down to whether one wants to play with random (or spawned) natural disasters or not.

If one does, then this DLC certainly adds quite some to make that game-play more interesting (and arguably also more realistic). Easily at least 4 stars for this DLC in such case.

If one does not, then from what I noticed the only thing usable for such game-play added by this DLC is just a police and firefighter helipad each, and the DLC's price sure seems quite expensive for merely that addition.

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Jurassic Park: The Game Icon
Dinos, story, puzzles, and QTEs
by DaLejd, Germany - Sep 30th 2017

I enjoyed playing it through. Just a bit too QTE-heavy for my taste, having occasionally felt more like a chore than game-play, even tho I do not mind QTE itself. Not a biggie since there are checkpoints if one fails a QTE-sequence, and after a few failed attempts it gets easier, but wouldn't have minded more puzzles for less QTE.

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Train Fever Icon
Not as good as Transport Fever, but still alright
by DaLejd, Germany - Aug 28th 2017

Firstly, Train Fever is years older than Transport Fever, with Transport Fever having besides trains, trucks, buses and trams also airplanes and ships, campaign, more refined goods production, other features, and a reworked game engine of theirs. Nevertheless, Train Fever seems to be on sale a lot cheaper, I still play it to pick up the last few achievements I don't have, and I find it itself still enjoyable after around 50 hours of game-play (and 90 hours of Transport Fever game-play).

As the product description says it is a modern-day Transport Tycoon, but it has some differences in terms of game-play mechanics, with on the downside being that it has no AI faction whatsoever nor any multiplayer.

In regard to other differences, one is about how passengers and goods behave, with in Train Fever there being a so-called "20 minutes rule" - which means that if a passenger or piece of raw material/goods doesn't reach final destination within 20 minutes from house starting point, then they/it disappear on that journey (or do not even start the journey). Those 20 minutes are in game-terms 20 months, with info screen showing how long it takes i.e. a train to make a full forth-and-back journey. So if there is a single train with capacity of 50 units of oil on a line with round time of 6 minutes, then that means that the maximum capacity of delivery within one game year is 100 units of oil. (And due to that it usually not advisable to set a line to wait for full load as it worsens that round time.)

And another difference is about how industry behaves as in that i.e. oil well doesn't start producing unless there is demand from an oil refinery which doesn't have that demand unless there is demand for goods from a town - which simply means that one needs to have both an operating line for delivery of goods from refinery to town, and a line for delivery of oil to refinery, established before the oil well begins producing at all.

Mentioning those differences may sound from me as if it were a very complicated game, but just mentioning it a bit in detail as to save eventual reader/purchaser time digging in tutorial texts or forum about why their line is not functioning while perhaps used to that Transport Tycoon game-play where a coal mine throws out as much coal as a train can take.

Other than that, similar to Transport Tycoon it does have town growth if supported, and one can similarly quickly end up having various train tracks independent of each other with plenty of overpasses and tunnels or having plenty of train tracks in some kind of network while playing around with rail signals to make it work so no train does get stuck. So if you are into that kind of stuff then you are probably going to enjoy Train Fever. However, if price is not an issue then you may want to look at Transport Fever, which is improved in several aspects.

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Football Manager 2016 Icon
For when match day just isn't enough.
by DaLejd, Germany - Sep 28th 2016

Football Manager 2016 is one of the video games which seems these months to be still constantly among the top10 most played Steam games (according to Steam stats). Not counting the free-to-play games it even seems to constantly sit among the top5 most played games on Steam.
Of course, popularity isn't necessarily an indication for enjoyability, and for many it is probably not interesting at all to manage a soccer team (with rosters of RL teams in previous season) and to watch them perform on the pitch moreorless according to preparation and instructions given. But for those interested in what the game title says in UK English, it has plenty of that.

And worth a note seems that being in Germany I was without any problem able to redeem the here purchased version, for which the Steam store page is blocked in Germany for whichever reason... probably to do with some licensing or so.

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Game Corp DX Icon
Good game for a few hours.
by DaLejd, Germany - Sep 28th 2016

Game Corp DX is a video game about running a company making video games. I enjoyed a playthrough of it, which lasted a few hours, but there isn't really anything to come back to afterwards in terms of that once office is as large as it gets and staff has been trained and is experienced it becomes a repetition of clicks to chunk out AAA games with nothing different about it all if one starts a new playthrough. Besides that, good game.

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Blueprint Tycoon Icon
Game which redefines concept of sandbox.
by DaLejd, Germany - Sep 28th 2016

Blueprint Tycoon is a video game about managing supply-production chains, with tiers of workforce having requirements, as well production of goods for export from which wages are paid, setting up routes (such as own decision if one wants harvester to supply to crafter directly and/or through storage), research, buildings and routes being possible to upgrade, and as well being able to modify the "blueprints", meaning the actual production line within the building.

I enjoyed playing the six scenarios which come with the game, and it also has a classical open-end sandbox mode. But what I think makes the game really great is the in-game scenario editor, which lets not only set up just mission requirements but actually lets change most of it all.
So e.g. while the standard template says: "well, tier 1 workers require vegetables, which need to be grown on arable land from which they are taken to market and from there distributed to tier 1 worker housings", if one would actually want them to have e.g. coffee with that as well or perhaps just instead, the scenario editor lets set up coffee as resource, perhaps even add a production building before it gets to the market (if one wants to) and from there it gets distributed, while being able to import own pics for resources/products. Similarly about any production chain. Want to set up e.g. a template/scenario for detailed (heavy) industry production chains or perhaps furniture production chains or ...? Quite easy to do with the scenario-editor without any need whatsoever for classical modding, and all that easily uploadable to workshop to be shared.
Of course, one needs to keep in mind game mechanics for it all to be playable, but I find the scenario editor a great tool for creative approach about setting it up as one wants to in terms of what actually gets produced.

Visually it is alright, but in my opinion due to not plenty of visual distinction lacks an option to be able to highlight types of buildings since when there are plenty thereof and one can't be bothered to remember exactly where was what put, one needs to look for little icons, zoom in a lot or click on buildings individually. Also, being able to close a window by right clicking on it would be very nice since as far as I noticed none of the windows actually have the right-click as any functionality so playing with mouse it would be nice to not have always go for that X to close it. Besides that tho, great game.

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Airport Madness: World Edition Icon
Enjoyable for what it is.
by DaLejd, Germany - Aug 14th 2016

With the current version 1.73, it has a total of 12 airports, with the latest additions having been in Feb 2016. Comes with Steam achievements and trading cards. I received my copy as a free bonus to purchase during sales event.

As for the gameplay, it is kept relativly simple without need to study any manual while also being somwhat complex in terms of tactically and strategically managing the flow of traffic. That is that while airplanes will keep being inbound on every runway to land (for which the landing runway can be changed tho such as sending all to one runway only which then tho requires managing avoidance of collision already for inbound planes among each other, speed increased or lowered, or kept flying around for a bit), on the ground it is about getting landed planes to the terminals and then off the ground quickly as to avoid traffic jams while in all that avoiding collisions for any craft on any runway (which can become impossible to avoid when a huge traffic jam built up). With all that comes voice-confirmation of orders given, as in "Big jet five-seven, cleared for take-off, runway two-four-right.", which can be turned off tho. And there are a few modes available to play in, with focus on moving 100 planes without collision, or making it an amount of time without collision, or as in high-score play mode with challenges such as a runway becoming unavailable to use for some time (with score penalty if it is used).

All in all, for myself who enjoyed playing e.g. Kennedy Approach (which is more about altitudes and vectors than runways tho), a great find for the simple one-screen game it is. To a connoisseur of the genre probably too casual or simply not as pleasing as similar yet 3D versions (of which not all are on Steam), ergo this game arguably being more of a themed puzzle game than a simulation, but I find it to be enjoyable in itself anyhow.

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Cities: Skylines After Dark Icon
Nice additions.
by DaLejd, Germany - Aug 14th 2016

The base game has the skybox day-night cycle also without this DLC. And the stuff the DLC adds (as mentioned in description) is not essential, but I found the additions after having played only the base game for some time to be nice, even tho there surely seems an argument about whether particularly bus terminal isn't something that ought be with the base game while DLC offering e.g. large-ish main train station as addition instead. In any case, with the DLC being able to have roads with bus lanes, and being able to have bike lanes, and taxis (and stands therefor), and dedicated commercial districts to turism and to leisure, it sure offers more in terms of city planning, such as e.g. making near stadium a leisure district with plenty of transportation possibilities. What I still miss tho in such regard is being able to make a wide pedestrian zone only, as in being able to have parking space nearby and with shops and such towards the pedestrian zone (which e.g. ambulances still can access), meaning as if an open-air shopping mall which isn't that uncommon in many a city. Still, as is, nice additions.

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