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Imperator: Rome - Magna Graecia Content Pack

Perfect blend of free update, DLC content and price

I'm really enjoying this DLC. The missions for Sparta so far are well paced and really interesting. Vast improvement from the mission packs gone by... This is a great DLC to support the game alongside a really decent Patch/Update.

If you enjoy Rome, this is a must have, specially when on discount.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Oct 7th 2021
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Europa Universalis IV: Leviathan

Great DLC for EU4

Admittedly the bad publicity and launch of this DLC turned me off it immediately. After playing it as of the latest patch it is a decent piece of work after all the updates and patches.

I have had to re-learn or tweak already tried and true strategies for playing as minor nations, OPM's, and empires. The stability of the game in terms of crashing and errors seem to be perfect for now, I have not seen any issues with it in the time I have had playing. With regards to the AI, it will always need some sort of help but there are obviously limits on what can be done.

Overall, Leviathan seems to finally be something worth getting maybe not for full price... Considering the state it was released, it is worth purchasing at a discount if you're an EU4 lover like myself.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Sep 8th 2021
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Imperator: Rome Deluxe Edition

This game is a must have after patch 2.0

This game has been completely overhauled with 2.0 Patch (recently released at the time of writing this mini-review).

Imperator:Rome was a bit lacklustre at release but this massive latest patch has finally brought to life what this Paradox Game was meant to be since release day.

An absolute must have with update 2.0. A polished title, full of gameplay and features to learn and enjoy. There is so much to comment about how radically the new patch changes the game that there would be no end to it.

Just two words: MUST HAVE!

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Mar 15th 2021
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Europa Universalis IV: Emperor

Must have.

After the recent fixes that came with this DLC, I now consider this a must have. Specially if you tend to favor playing with an european nation.

If you love EUIV, I can't see a compelling reason to not purchase this DLC.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Sep 10th 2020
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Europa Universalis IV: Golden Century

Great DLC when on a discount

This DLC adds some flavor to North African and European nations in the Iberian Peninsula (Granada, Portugal, Aragon & Castile).

It is mostly a skin pack with small features added but if you love playing any of the nations I've mentioned above, then this DLC is a great addition to your EU4 library.
This DLC is not as content packed as Britannia's one but still, a good one nonetheless when on discount.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Apr 26th 2019
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Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2

Just fine.

If you're into flying sims this one is ok. I got it for free as a bonus in a purchase so I can't really complain for that price. Nevertheless, there are better alternatives although this one is good enough to fly around and just chill.

Just fine. That's my score. Cheers.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Nov 30th 2018
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Crusader Kings II: Holy Fury

Absolute must have!

Best expansion for CK2 thus far. So much content and, for once, delivered with great polish. Not gamebreaking bugs or features. I can't but recomend it to all those of you who enjoy playing CK2.

Doesn't matter what part of the medieval world you prefer playing the most, this expansion will add content everywhere.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Nov 14th 2018
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Europa Universalis IV: Third Rome

Russian immersion pack.

This DLC greatly revamps the russian culture nations and Orthodox Christianity mechanics. If you enjoy playing in the eastern front, this DLC is a must have. It also adds specific events exclusive to the regional faith.

Overall a must have, specially on discount.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Nov 1st 2018
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Europa Universalis IV: Dharma

Great DLC if you like playing as an Indian faction

This DLC completely revamps the indian subcontinent with events, factions and what not. If you never played with a faction from India and want to, this DLC is a must have. If you play exclusively in Europe, you won't get much of it. In any case, a really good DLC for what it offers.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Oct 15th 2018
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Europa Universalis IV: Rule Britannia

Absolute must have!

This DLC focuses primarily in completely revamping the entire british islands, adds a ton of new missions and events for Ireland/Scotland/England/Wales but specially for England.

If you like playing as England or haven't in a while, this DLC will make it worth your time. Overall, exceptionally good for the price and content.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Oct 13th 2018
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Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization

Can't but recommend

If you're a big fan of EUIV this is a must have expansion. It introduces many new things that you can do in peace time and during war time.

It has a lot of small improvements that in my opinion make each nation unique on its own with a major focus on army professionalism where a new layer of strategy is added to the overall gameplay of conquering and warfare and also a lot of improvements to nations that follow Islam with new schools and faith modifiers depending on how religious/secular your ruler is.

Overall, a great addition. If you can't stop playing EUIV, this is a must have.

by Daniel S.6, Spain - Oct 9th 2018
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