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Amazing Adventures: Riddle of the Two Knights Icon
Decent game, but one annoying problem
by Tina M., USA - Apr 1st 2018

No complaints about the game itself, but I did have one persistent issue: when I shut down the game and went back in later, my timer was way, way down. For instance, I might be right at the beginning of a new mission with more than 50 minutes left to complete it; I'd close the game, and the next time I went in there'd be 11 minutes left on the clock. More than once I had to restart missions because of this glitch, so that was super-annoying. Also, in one of the "replace the missing objects" puzzles, the object was below the frame so it was impossible to see where it went — I ended up getting it by pure accident, dropping it in random places out of frustration. So I'd give it 4 stars for general enjoyment of the game, but drop one for the glitches.

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