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Fun game, well worth it :)
by Gabriel M.6, USA - Dec 21st 2017

My Review for Heart & Slash.

I have beaten this game on Nov 3/17, to finally give a review on this game. First, i must give kudos to the dev that has created Heart & Slash and i hope they do make a sequal to this game. It brought back memory's of Legend Of Zelda gameplay action, with a retro pixel art style i so enjoy all together.

The Heart & Slash is very simple, yet tough but also enjoyable when you get the hang of it. The game has a tutorial, to teach you how to play but it also explain more of the story of how everything started. So I would suggest the tutorial first before you hop into the game, you will need to learn what you can do.

After you are done with that tutorial, it takes you right into the main game. Which is where you start off from the assembly line where all the robots are created, once you get a weapon the real adventure starts and you are having to choose which way pathway to choose.

But becareful! Once you die, you will end up back all the way at the first place you just started from. Which in this case it back to that assembly line, from where you was created. Not only that but everytime you die, you loose all your weapons & items as well as the upgrades for both weapons and items.

Not only that, the items you find are always random, which some can be a life saver, some can hinder you, while some just plain do nothing at all and be only a resource for healing yourself in dire moments.

Now understand you need to be smart and patiences. Meaning do not go hog wild trying to hack & slash every enemy in the game, that be a waste of health and will bring also fustration. But the game can be beaten, it just will take time. Because, the game doesn't have 10 stages. Nope it just only 3, but it depends on your pathways you took, weapons, items and upgrades you got.

Which will make it simple in your adventure or hinder you and not only that the game give random enemys and the bosses are random sometimes. Only boss that is not random is the main one, so that you know what is coming once you face him. Plus that final boss is super easy to beat once you find his weak spot or got a freaking awesome weapon.

Also i must not forget that you are able to play different characters. Each time you start the game to play, you can choose which character you want to play as. Each have there strengh and Weaknesses.

The characters you can play are Heart The Cheerful Robot, HRT1 Prototype, Heart O Ween, Slash The Rebel Robot, Robnin The Wondering Samubot & Eclipse The Husky Robot. As for the story for the game, it very interesting. You get cutscene moments with Slash and the terminal consoles you find at moments that you can talk to the Professor by.

Yet head up, those conversations changes when you get to the end of the game. Only the terminal consoles that is, but so far i say this game was fun and enjoying every moment of it, even when i wanted toss a brink at the screen.

lol Just joking, now for some Pros & Cons.


+Fun Gameplay

+Interesting Story

+Nice soundtrack: I like the soundtrack music they added to this game

+Art Style Design: I like the design of the characters, enemys and world they made for this game.

+Challaging Gameplay: Super tough, but once you get the hang of it and are bless by the RNG Jesus with a mighty weapon that can kick ass. Then you are for sure can go through the game as a breeze. Yet just do not be slacking once you are over killing enemys and bosses are nothing to sneeze at.


-End Game Boss: That is the only downside to the game. I won't ruin the boss fight for you, but lets say. Once you figure out, how to hurt the boss. It becomes nothing but a cake walk compair to the others bosses.

So would i recommend this game?

Yes i would!

Should you buy it full price?

That depends. But i always recommend anyone to wait for a game to go on sale before buying it full price, by that time they work the bugs out too. But if you want to pay full price go for it, the game its still worth it.

This is the end of my review, I thank you for reading and i hope this help anyone out in trying to figure out if they should buy it or not.

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