Reviews by Natalie J.

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Great Game - Definitely worth a playthrough
by Natalie J., Australia - Mar 19th 2018

This game is definitely worth your time if you're into RPGs. Unique art style and great story and character development between Lee and Clementine, although some other characters not so much. Your choices also don't affect the story much - if not at all, but otherwise a great game and I'm very happy that I bought this game.

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Excellent - Worth your time if you've played the first
by Natalie J., Australia - Mar 19th 2018

This game carries over your choices from the first game and shows how little Clementine has grown from a young girl to a tween and the struggles she faces as the world around her is consumed by walkers and runs into a group of deserters. Fun game to play and kept my attention to the end, although again as with the first your choices really don't matter all that much.

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