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Secrets of the Dragon Wheel Icon
by LunaNik, USA - Jan 10th 2018

Based on the demo, this game is interrupted by dialogue far too much. The player's character even talks to herself, and every time this happens, the game comes to a screeching halt until she's done talking. So much unnecessary commentary that delays gameplay.

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Margrave: The Blacksmith's Daughter Icon
Enchanting and imaginative...
by LunaNik, USA - Jan 10th 2018

I've owned this game since it came out, and it remains one of my favorites to replay. The storyline is well-developed and progresses at a perfect pace; sufficient information is provided that you know what's going on, but there are still twists and events you don't expect.

The graphics are charming and play beautifully with the fantasy theme. The music is wonderfully ambient, and the voice acting is excellent. Gameplay is a nice variety of exploration and puzzles with a few hidden object scenes. It's not horrendously difficult, but presents enough of a challenge to keep you interested.

I highly recommend this one, as well as the first episode, the Curse of the Severed Heart. Inertia doesn't currently have plans for another episode, but I hope there will be more adventures of Edwina.

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The Guest Icon
Great puzzles, worst navigation EVER.
by LunaNik, USA - Dec 3rd 2017

The story is surreal, which I like, and the puzzles are challenging. But I see no way to make this game are the problems:

• The POV constantly shakes and wobbles as if my character is attempting to walk around a pirate ship during the perfect storm whilst dead drunk. It gives me a headache, and the player should be able to shut off the effect.

• Navigating is a nightmare. Setting the sensitivity makes no difference in the ability to accurately control the cursor. Low sensitivity merely makes the mouse movement slow, while high speeds it up. But no setting makes it possible to control the movement of the cursor with any accuracy at all. The result is that you're constantly chasing the cursor, trying to line it up with the object you want to click...with limited success.

• Accessing the inventory is an unnecessary multi-step process. First, bring up the panel. Next, select the item you want. Finally, choose whether to look at, combine, or use it. Really poor design (not improved by the navigation issue). It would have been better to have the inventory panel at the bottom of the screen and scrollable, with look at (magnifying glass) and combine (plus sign) right next to the item. Otherwise, a click would mean "use."

• Puzzle controls are not standardized. One puzzle used WASD to navigate and choose, while another used X and Z to navigate. What's the point in making them different? Other than to be annoying, that is.

I really want to finish this game, but every time I play, the issues I've described make me so frustrated that I no longer care. Especially the navigation, which I wouldn't force on my worst enemy.

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The Eyes of Ara Icon
Immersive, challenging, mysterious, beautiful...
by LunaNik, USA - Nov 24th 2017

In all honesty, this is the single best FPA I've played since the Myst and Rhem series.

The environments are beautifully moody, well-rendered, and filled with mindbending puzzles that become more difficult as the game progresses. The storyline is engaging and presented at an excellent pace. And just when you think you have it figured out, there's a twist that blows your mind.

This plays like an old-school adventure game, so pay attention to notes, clues, signs, symbols, and the like. An overall brilliant game, and I hope to see more from this developer...and soon!

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Shadows: Price for Our Sins Icon
Better than most modern HO games...
by LunaNik, USA - Nov 24th 2017

...with puzzles that actually challenge and objects that are truly hidden.

Most of today's games in this genre present HO scenes you can complete in 30 seconds, because everything is in plain view. Each HO scene in this game took awhile, and all had interactive objects.

The puzzles ranged from fairly simple to frustratingly complex. One of them took me nearly 30 minutes to complete.

The storyline...if you crossed the movie Jumanji with the Redemption Cemetery series, then improved the gameplay, you'd get this game. The heroine attends a Halloween party at her friend's inherited farmhouse, only to discover a heinous historical plot that has trapped her friends...unless she resolves the ghosts' issues.

The graphics were excellent, with lots of attention to detail, fairly good animation, a beautiful palette, and one of the scariest posers I've ever seen. Play it and tell me you don't jump out of your seat when Jack's fiery spectre appears. I wish more HO games tried this hard.

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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Icon
Still the best adventure game universe ever...
by LunaNik, USA - Apr 21st 2017

...and the benchmark by which I measure game storylines. Most fall short. It's hard to top a fictional race of people with the ability to create universes by writing books, isn't it? Most developers don't even try, sadly.

The environments are as beautiful and heartbreaking as I remember them; the animation just brings them more to life. Gameplay remains as much of a challenge as it was originally, and when I finished playing, I had pages and pages of handwritten notes, diagrams, and clues.

I also had a deep sense of accomplishment, something most modern games don't provide because their puzzles are far too easy. When you've solved the underground labyrinth in the Selenitic Age, you tend to scoff at childish puzzles like matching pairs, the Towers of Hanoi, 12-piece jigsaws, and Simon Says. That's not gaming! It doesn't even require neurons!

Lastly, the music remains one of the best game soundtracks in the history of gaming. I've listened to it regularly for more than 20 years; it still makes me smile and whisks me off to the island of Myst. I'd love to see realRIVEN and the entire series updated for modern computers.

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Epistory - Typing Chronicles Icon
Unique, innovative, beautiful, fun
by LunaNik, USA - Oct 5th 2016

I purchased Epistory on sale at another site after playing a demo and falling in love with this unique game. Graphically, it's stunning. Each isometric world unfolds before your eyes, beginning with unadorned squares of newsprint that bend, twist, and crumple into the forms of the landscape, then fade from monotone to color.

Game play is original and a breath of fresh air in an industry rife with overly violent first-person shooters, simplistic hidden object games, and copycat time management games. Move through the main world and eight sub-worlds until you've eradicated the invaders, leveled up with a new power, and defeated the "nest." The sub-worlds are modeled after classic platform games; each is a distinct biome.

Move using the E, F, J, and I keys so you can easily switch to typing words. Space bar switches from movement to typing and back; when you press it, interactions that require typing are revealed. At first, you need only type whatever word appears above each area, obstacle, or enemy. Once you gain powers, some actions will require certain powers. For example, if you're currently using "ice" and an enemy approaches that can only be defeated by fire, you'll have to type "fire" first, then the word that defeats it.

It sounds complicated, but it's really not. The learning curve is perfect, plus adaptive difficulty is built in so if you're not a fast typist, just type more slowly at the beginning when the words are small and you won't be overwhelmed when faced with "oxymoron" or "pseudonym."

Also, there are upgrades you can "purchase" with earned game points to increase the speed of your fox, make your hits on the enemy more powerful in different ways, reveal secrets on the map, and more.

Lastly, it's a fairly long game, especially if you take your time to explore each level and find all the hidden treasure chests, and I believe the replay value is high.

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Alice Behind the Mirror Icon
Not for adults.
by LunaNik, USA - Aug 27th 2016

Based on the level of challenge of hidden object scenes and puzzles, the style of the graphics, and the simplicity of the storyline, this game is for elementary schoolchildren. Someone that age would probably enjoy it, but it's just tedious for adult gamers. (I only played the demo.)

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Q.U.B.E. Icon
Loved it! More like this, please.
by LunaNik, USA - Jun 3rd 2016

QUBE is like being in the environment of the movie Cube 2: Hypercube while playing an increasingly more complicated three-dimensional game of Sokoban with colored blocks that have different functions. If that seems confusing, it isn't once you begin playing.

You awaken on the floor of an all-white room that resembles a padded cell. The walls, ceiling, and floor are constructed of equally-sized cubes. Your hands feel strange. When you look at them, you realize you're wearing a tight-fitting pair of gloves that appear to be fitted with electronics. A bit of color catches your eye.

You must find your way through the QUBE, and each room is a puzzle. No room can be skipped; the exit door will not open until you've cracked that room's conundrum. The only colors inside the QUBE are on the function blocks, and there are five in all.
1. Red: three cubes in length, extrudes and retracts one cube at a time
2. Yellow: shaped like a staircase, extrudes all at once, three configurations depending on where you click it (3-2-1, 1-2-3, 1-2-1)
3. Blue: just one cube, retracts into springloaded position, used as a trampoline
4. Green: just one cube, but you need other function blocks to shove it around
5. Purple: not movable, consists of directional arrows and rotates the portion of the room its on

In the first sector, you merely have to figure out how to get yourself to the exit, using the blocks. But it quickly gets more complicated with the addition of lasers that need to be activated, empty function blocks where you have to decide which one must be which color, blocked exits necessitating looking for a new exit, secret areas, areas that are completely dark except for the blocks you light up, and more.

The graphics are customizable, so if you have a powerful computer, you can amp everything up with depth of field, shadows, and the like. If not, you can "downsize" the graphics. I set everything to eleven and, despite the mostly white environment, I really got lost in the seemingly endless QUBE. I found it very realistic, and even creepy in spots.

Over time, the environment changes from pristine and perfect to rundown and obviously in disrepair. Tunnels and rooms become surreal and appear to have been designed by Escher. Don't rush through; take your time and look around each room. Immerse yourself.

Turn it up! There are lots of ambient sounds that occur on the periphery, and they really add to the experience of being alone inside the gigantic, mysterious QUBE. Alone, that is, except for the times when you feel there are others watching you. What was that?!

QUBE is exactly the type of game I love and will play over and over again. First person adventure has always been my favorite genre, and I wish there were more quality games available. To be honest, QUBE drew me into its universe the same way Rhem and Myst did, despite its lack of developed storyline. That's why I'd love to see a sequel...there are so many questions about the QUBE. In the meantime, I'm voluntarily going back in.

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Dead City: Love as a Cure Icon
Room for improvement in several areas...
by LunaNik, USA - Nov 18th 2014

While this game has some of the best graphics and music in the TM/Strategy genre, it suffers from a thin story line, clumsy and slow game mechanics, and repetitive gameplay.

The graphics—both map and scene—are detailed and dimensional. The overall look is medieval, but the characters are vampire goth. There's not much animation except for a looped background character in each scene. The NPCs with whom you interact (and who give you your quests) don't move or lip synch.

You have two energy levels to keep up—vigor and mana—plus money to earn. Vigor and mana are increased either by eating or resting. Money is earned through a series of jobs which you can upgrade for higher wages as you learn new skills. You're also awarded a choice of rewards at the completion of each quest.

The quests include finding items on the map, hidden object scenes, running errands for the populace, learning new skills and spells, and upgrading your clothing, steed, and home. This entails traveling from place to place on the map, one drawback to this game, as this travel time interrupts the flow of gameplay.

This has potential to be an enthralling game, but needs improvement in the areas of game mechanics and gameplay, in my opinion.

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Campfire Legends - The Babysitter Icon
Good sequel with a few issues
by LunaNik, USA - Jul 14th 2014

The Babysitter plays much like The Hookman. It is a Hidden Object Adventure, but there are no lists. Instead, you find things as you need finding extraneous objects, which is nice. It is just as creepy as The Hookman, but without the jump-in-your-seat scares. Frankly, the story could have used a bit of fleshing out.

I don't know whether it was just me, but none of the cutscenes played for me, including meeting the parents, finding the twins, and all of the videos. I missed them all. Nor is it a computer issue on my end. Also, I presume there was one at the end, which I also missed. That took a lot away from the game, as I missed out on quite a bit of story line.

Finding the required items was definitely a challenge, as there were always a lot of places to look, and the items were well-hidden. Using the items was reminiscent of an Adventure Game. The lack of hand-holding was a breath of fresh air.

Subsequent to the end of the main game, you unlock Dr. Haken's notebook by completing nine Hidden Object scenes, each in under five minutes. I did have to repeat several of these. Once again, the lack of cutscenes led to confusion regarding the story line. Overall, this was a thoroughly enjoyable game, and a fitting sequel to The Hookman.

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The Otherside: Realm of Eons Icon
The Otherside: Realm of Eons
by LunaNik, USA - Jul 28th 2010

The demo for this game is extremely buggy. Every scene loads very slowly. The cursor moves jerkily and often freezes the instant you click on something. At one point, two different scenes loaded at once, one atop the other.

It looks like it might be a decent game, but it needs to be sent back to beta testing.

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Haunted Hotel Icon
Haunted Hotel
by LunaNik, USA - Aug 7th 2008

I hesitate to criticize, because I'm unable to create such games. However, the graphics were poorly Photoshopped (the doors looked "pasted" on the walls rather than filling openings, the same items were in every room, and the perspective was mostly off). There was a lot of text between scenes, mostly in extremely poor English. As to gameplay, at times one item was so completely behind another that it was impossible to find without using a hint. I wouldn't recommend this game, but I would recommend that the creator refine his skills before releasing another.

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Dream Chronicles 2 Icon
Dream Chronicles 2
by LunaNik, USA - Aug 7th 2008

I found DC2 to be an improvement over DC1 because (1) the jewels had a purpose; (2) all the annoying text that accompanied finding each jewel was gone; (3) the puzzles were more difficult. A great game for relaxing; the graphics are stunningly gorgeous and the music is lovely. Can't wait for the third installment!

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Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare Icon
Hidden Secrets: The Nightmare
by LunaNik, USA - Aug 7th 2008

I didn't mind or have trouble with the mini-games, except for one of the ones where you have to connect the roads. There's a bug, as it's impossible to complete; you have to skip it. I thought the overall story was decent, and the graphics had kind of a comic book creepy feel to them.

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