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Europa Universalis IV: Digital Extreme Edition

Melts my Mac

This looks like a very detailed game, possibly over complicated
I want to get into it, but my mac goes banana's when I run it despite me easily meeting the minimum requirements

by Andrewyeah, United Kingdom - Nov 29th 2015
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This War of Mine

A touching, moving and very real game

Its more of a simulation and education than a game and thats a very good thing!

The tension, despair and uncertainty this game creates is astounding.
You care about the band of unfortunate people your trying to keep alive.
Your decisions have an impact on them and others in the game and it really feels like life & death

Artistically and musically this game is spot on
Gameplay also wonderful for the genre
above all its challenging as such a game should be

Couldnt recommend more
Buy it

by Andrewyeah, United Kingdom - Jul 6th 2015
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Game Dev Tycoon

Really Enjoyable

This is a well balanced and fun tycoon.
Live out your Game Dev dreams, make that game you never got, and create your own titles and franchises and even engines and consoles.

Charming visuals
Simple to pick up
Only downside is perhaps the main game could continue longer until it gets into Sandbox mode

by Andrewyeah, United Kingdom - Jul 4th 2015
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An Unpolished Xcom

The game is rather fun to play and doesn't even make my fans come on on my 13 mbpr

Its like Xcom only not as polished, the game play is more clunky
whilst the game is fun it unfortunately takes way to long to do anything.

Levels should take half as long as they do, watching the enemy move, unnecessary clicks and just to many steps to do what you want.

A good game, let down by ease of use

by Andrewyeah, United Kingdom - Jul 4th 2015
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