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Odysseus: Long Way Home


The game crashes whenever I use the oiler in the intended way. It also crashes in other situations. It's impossible to play it – a waste of money. The only good thing I can say about it that it didn't cost much so my financial loss wasn't big.

by trolu, Austria - Sep 19th 2021
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Stray Souls: Dollhouse Story Collector's Edition

I'm not sure ...

... it's a good game, the story is OK. Still, I realised it failed to actually fascinate me. I'm not sure why. Maybe it's the plot, maybe I'm too old for its dolls and other child aspects. I played it for a short time, then quit and continued a day or two later.
I can't say anything against it. There are no obvious weaknesses, but for my taste, it lacks actual strong points.
I bought it when it was on sale at a reduced price so I did get my money's worth.

by trolu, Austria - Jan 13th 2016
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1912 Titanic Mystery

Somewhat repetitive

The game is OK, but it seems you have to perform the same tasks (which could be slightly more difficult) over and over again. After the demo I decided not to buy the game.

by trolu, Austria - Dec 29th 2015
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A good game, but quite short

I like the storyline and the type of puzzles to be solved, but the game seems to be rather short. I've played a little of the demo and have already completed 12% even though there's still much demo time left ...

by trolu, Austria - Dec 29th 2015
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European Mystery: Scent of Desire

Not a bad game, but still ...

The game is ok, but I somehow didn't get fascinated. It's not the programmers' fault I didn't like the mini games (either too hard or too easy). I bought the game at a very low price so I did actually get my money's worth.

by trolu, Austria - Dec 27th 2015
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Alex Hunter: Lord of the Mind Platinum Edition

A great game ...

... except for the puzzles, some of which were just incomprehensible for me. A few of them were just too hard for me, but in at least one (the puzzle for access to the well) I didn't understand the instructions no matter how often I read the description.
Still – in sum, I liked the game very much.

by trolu, Austria - Dec 14th 2015
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House of 1000 Doors: The Palm of Zoroaster Collector's Edition

Another great one

I liked the first 1000-doors game very, and this one is equally good. I'll surely will play it again, trying to avoid the hint button :-)
I do hope for a sequel ...

by trolu, Austria - Dec 6th 2015
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Whispered Legends - Tales of Middleport

OK except for the non-working hint button

The game as such and the storyline are find.
What's less than fine is a hint button that just doesn't help.
I was stuck once and needed a hint: I was directed to a street that was blocked.
I searched for help on the internet and found a walk-through which didn't help either.
I started from scratch 4 times, and it was pure chance that I eventually found out what I had to do to go on.
I've read that other users had problems with the hint button as well, and I'd say it would be fine to fix that bug.

by trolu, Austria - Nov 24th 2015
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Left in the Dark: No One on Board

It's absolutely worth the money

In short: I liked the game.

Nice and long, though it could be a little more difficult. I played it in expert mode (even though I'm not at all a hidden objects expert) as otherwise it would have been too easy.

Still - a nice long game with many locations, solveable mini games and a story line that doesn't distract from the adventure of playing without being overly silly.

by trolu, Austria - Oct 27th 2015
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House of 1000 Doors: Family Secrets

Can I have more of this, please?

That's the perfect game for me. I played it in expert mode, which was just the right difficulty: not too easy but manageable. There is a plot but you don't need to read the story to be able to play the game. I'm a rather slow player and didn't have much time, so it took me several days to finish it ... and I was happy that it wasn't over too soon.
I admit I used the hint button a few times when I got impatient, and I didn't find all the "beyond objects". I'm therefore tempted to play it again.

by trolu, Austria - Oct 11th 2015
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The Emptiness: Psycho-Philosophical Quest

Don't waste money on it

Sorry, I didn't like it.
First of all, I hated the lengthy interruptions with 'real-life' characters – without any skip option. What they had to tell wasn't at all interesting.
And it was extremely boring to search the same rooms over and over, without any useful hints. Luckily I found a walk-through somewhere on the internet, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to complete the game.
If you're very young or easily frightened, the 'horror' elements might be a mild thrill. For me, they weren't.
There are many much more interesting games at the same price.
My recommendation: don't buy it. It doesn't get better after the free trial period has elapsed.

by trolu, Austria - Oct 4th 2015
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Borgia: Faith and Fear

It's ok if you like whodunnit-style stories

It's ok as a game.
It's not the computer game I like best though.
On a computer, I want something to do, not something to read (particularly if the story isn't exactly page-turner style, but keeping track of the plot is essential for solving the mystery. Of course you can skip all the story-related quizzes, but that's not the idea of the game.
I bought the game accidentally, otherwise I wouldn't have spent the money.

by trolu, Austria - Oct 4th 2015
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Dark Mysteries - The Soul Keeper

One of my absolute favorites

Yes, I did like it!
First of all, it wasn't over 30 minutes after the demo time had ended. It's a nice long play and the bonus chapter is a good continuation.
The in-game puzzles aren't too hard but just right. There was a story but it didn't dominate the game, and you don't have to remember exactly what you've been told in order to complete the game.
I played it in middle difficulty, which was perfect for me. I needed a hint a few times because I was dumb. That was ok.
Can I get more of exactly this type of game, please?

by trolu, Austria - Sep 30th 2015
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