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Killing Floor

If I could give it 6 Stars I would

This game is one of the most entertaining FPS I've played in quite some time.

A vast amount of weaponry, classes and upgrades.
Challenging AI.
Co-op game play (play as a squad against the AI zombie hoard, limiting the "pwned" trash talk that dominates most human player vs human player FPS).
Excellent large scale maps that are beautifully rendered.
Well populated and friendly online community (you won't have a problem finding people or servers to play on).
Solo mode to help level up and improve your skills.
The ability to share weapons and cash with other players.

Steam based - love it or hate it - old school gamers (those gamers that used to buy an actual CD/DVD copy of the game) may find Steam I little different at first. Takes time to install and set up an account. Also, those of you running a software firewall (ie Little Snitch) will also have trouble with Steam and denying outgoing connections until to "allow" certain permissions. The game plays in full screen mode and you can't shuffle between other apps and the game. You'll need to quit the game to adjust your software firewall prefs each time your outgoing permission in denied.
Joining a game in one of the later waves will leave you horribly undergunned.
When you die, you must wait until that wave is over before reentering the match. The earlier you die the longer you are just sitting there waiting.
Some maps are quite dark and difficult to navigate.
For those of you that are easily offended or have youngsters, the game can be a little graphic, gore-wise, and some in game language may be unsuitable to certain ears.

All in all, this game is well worth the $20, With a high replay value, great graphics, friendly active community, tonnes of weapons, perks, skills and classes it'll keep you coming back for more. Happy hunting :)

by wiking, Canada - Dec 11th 2013
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Fields of War

It's Okay.

3 out of 5.
Nicely rendered
Large scale battles (100 vs 100)
Emphasis on team play

Sloppy interface (navigating between some screens is tricky)
Slow game play (a lot of time spent just walking to your next objective)
Weapon damage is on the weak side (you'll find yourself firing over and over to get a frag)
Server empty most of the times (AI Bots sub in as replacements)
Frustrating key command changing (still haven't figured this out)
No upgrades for your mech (aside from camo which does nothing really)

All in all, fun game that gets a little repetitive after a while. Would be a lot more enjoyable with other online players but there just doesn't seem to be that many out there (for now).

by wiking, Canada - Nov 26th 2013
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Westward IV: All Aboard

The Great Train Wreck

This game was hours of fun and with a price point of under 10 bucks you really can't go wrong. My only concern is the same problem that plaqued the PC version of the game, once you complete the "Great Train Race" level (which is unfortunately the final level) the game freezes and becomes unplayable. You are able to quit out of the game but upon reloading the game you end up with a black screen. Very disappointing after you spend hours (or days in my case) in hopes of completing the game. All in all, it was fun while it lasted.

by wiking, Canada - Oct 19th 2011
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Commander: Europe At War

The price of war just got lower

I fell victim to paying $50 for this game only to have the price drop to $24.95 very shortly there after. That aside, the game is quite addictive but as mentioned in a previous review, the replay value isn't all that high. You'll find that after you complete the game once, the second time you play it you will be able to complete it, under the same settings, in half the time. The learning curve is low compared to say... Hearts of Iron and will have you enjoying yourself rather quickly. However, for all the military strategists out there - the absence of actual commandable artillery units and paratroopers is somewhat undesirable and leaves gamers, especially those that are looking for historical accuracy, feeling like something is missing. All in all, yes, Commander: Europe at War appears to be an updated version of Panzer General with a few added features, such as rail transport and the dreaded Soviet Winter and also a few things missing as I've mentioned earlier. When the game was priced at $50 I would have said "Give the demo a try" but for $24.95 what do you have to lose except for maybe Moscow or Berlin.

by wiking, Canada - Jun 16th 2010
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