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Tormentum - Dark Sorrow

High Art in game form, thought provoking!

"Tormentum" was a joy to play. Fantastic artwork and sound design.
The overall atmosphere of the game is exceptional.
Most of the "puzzles" are very very easy, but I saw this as a great plus.
Maybe you should be open-minded to appreciate the story.

by zauerli, Germany - May 22nd 2021
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Stellaris: Galaxy Edition Upgrade Pack

Great DLC (discounted)

This DLC also gives you a copy of the "Complete Soundtrack" DLC and the ebook that is sold seperately. Beware: the ebokk isn't registered in your Steam account, but you still geit it here! I wish Paradox would solve this problem.

by zauerli, Germany - May 21st 2021
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