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Great imaginative platformer!

This is a really fun platformer style game with lots to offer for a wide age group. (I'd say anyone 8 and up would really enjoy this game). The story is fun and imaginative, and the pacing is pretty good. My only critique is that this game is a bit short. You could easily run through the story in just 8 hours (maybe less). It does have lots of fun elements though, and although you will have plenty of item searching to do for a 100% completion, the quirky little animations and interactions you have with NPCs and enemies make it feel less like a chore. Overall this game was really fun and visually beautiful in a 90's cartoon-ish way. If you want a silly game that is fun to play and looks good, this is a great choice. Yes the graphics are a bit dated, but with the art style used you'd hardly give it a second thought.

by Pradog454, USA - Mar 15th 2016
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