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Eschalon: Book I

Nice game

Excellent game game particularly if you consider its price, it has some similarities with Spiderweb's games so if you like those you'll like this.

The storyline is a bit simpler though and also more linear, there are some "grinding things" which I don't entirely like, for example you have to take off your weapon off to switch to magic, I understand the point but it gets tireing having to do those extra clicks every time you want to switch between them. A tutorial for those starting out would also be useful.

On the plus side, the game engine is well thought out and somewhat complex which create the possibility of using different tactics and attribute mixes. Another positive is that it runs pretty well on old machinery and it doesn't look all that bad overall.

Overall the positives outweight the negatives and I can easily recommend it to people who like this kind of game.

by orne, Portugal - Dec 24th 2015
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