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Don't purchase this game. Great graphics, but not great play,
by Nanny55, USA - Dec 28th 2016

Inventory items disappear and the game freezes up. Also at times in close up in areas, the screen goes black. I have a new mac so I know it's not the graphics card.

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No joy without a joy stick
by Nanny55, USA - Oct 2nd 2016

I don't have a joy stick so I had to use the arrows. Trying to manuver Canny was very tricky, I could not get past the level o get the gear, It was impossible to double jump up the stone stairs and keep changing Canny's direction to proceed to the next stone before the stone collapsed. Many games offer a skip or make the challenge easier after so many tries, not this one. I will not purchase any other games by this developer.

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Gods are a pain
by Nanny55, USA - Apr 25th 2016

I really think this game does not function correctly...every time I wanted to study science and had all the corrct resources, the game wouldn't let my go forward until I built taverns and schools that completey filled up the playing field...also Mars and his mommy kept popping up so fast, I had no time to make enough $$$ to keep them at bay...I got fed up and quit the game... wasn't much fun, not worth the money.

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