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A Poorer Alternative...

I've only purchased this version of Scrabble out of necessity and lack of alternative rather than choice.

For some reason unknown to myself and (by the look of comments from other disgruntled Scrabble seekers on forums & feedback pages) many other would-be Scrabble gamers, the original Scrabble (by Gamehouse I think) is no longer available to anyone with a more up to date iOS system on their Mac. Those using anything between Mavericks up to and including Yosemite are pretty much shafted. It simply will not work on your system.

The alternative? .... That's where this version comes in. It's 'okay' ... as the star rating here says; but it's so lacking in the features loved and used by gamers playing in the original electronic version of Scrabble. To name a few areas lost in this Scrabble:-
- There's no word definition available in this version
- There are only three levels (Easy, Normal and Hard)
- A small detail maybe but nevertheless annoying, in this version, when playing against the computer, there is no delay time between your go and the computer's; because of this you have to wait each time you play until the computer has gone to see your word score.
- The design is colourful enough, though too simplistic and rather juvenile looking
- There is no function to allow you to save your games or even just review them afer playing.
- Between the three difficulty levels there should be a fourth one - between Easy and Normal/Regular.
- The game keeps opening at half screen level on my iMac and only a restart seems to remedy it...sometimes(!) ...v.frustrating.

I guess I'll keep asking and hoping that the developers of the original Gamehouse Scrabble version will take it on themselves to update the program and upgrade it to the latest iOS systems. Please, anyone, help!?!

by Kalexa, United Kingdom - Jul 4th 2015
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Flights of Fancy: Two Doves

A Pleasant Play

I enjoyed the demo of this game quickly and so went to buy it. Not too disappointed; the graphics are lovely and the background music pleasant and soothing enough to be spared from the mute button.

Where I find it falls down a bit is in the lack of variety in game play; tasks are often repetitive and I found myself, after a few times round the block, sighing 'not another find the hidden object section'.

The most challenging areas are the hidden mini games, which helpfully the game allows you to skip if too challenging. This allows you to speed or saunter through as you prefer. Navigation is helped by hints so gameplay flows pretty easily.

Overall, a good game. Lack of variety in progress (through the navigational journey/scenes) could mean I lose the will to finish it though. Speaking of which, there seems to be little indication of where you're at in that journey.... Maybe the map helps with this; I've yet to check that. I like to know how much more there is to do or how close the to the finish it is.

by Kalexa, United Kingdom - Jul 4th 2015
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