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Bitter swill to swallow
by Balor, Croatia - Mar 13th 2016

Absolutely loved the trilogy, with "Goodbye Deponia" being one of my favorite games in recent history but "Doomsday" left me dissapointed. The story itself would've made a great concept for an animated film but the time-travel gimmick made the whole gameplay too easy. It felt like playing an interactive cartoon. So many puzzles but all within a few screens and solved in minutes. I was missing the 'huge and intricate adventure chapter' that was my favorite part of each deponia. The inclusion of the dreaded 'mousebreaker' into the gameplay annoyed me. I'd actually preferred if the developers flat out ripped off the "Day of the Tentacle" gameplay as that was the example how that gimmick enhances the experience and puzzles.

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Deponia - The Complete Journey Icon
by Balor, Croatia - Mar 11th 2016

Brought me back to the Golden Age of LucasArts adventure games. Simply my favorite game of the new Millennium. Amazing animation, top notch humor and simply great character design.

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