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Reviews by tv2zulu

Hearts of Iron IV: Allied Speeches Pack

For the historical players out there...

If you enjoy the historical aspect of WW2 and HoI4 this is a nice little add-on for the in-game audio.

The speeches trigger based on events and date, and add some well placed audio context based on what is going on in the game – breaking up the stream of WW2 themed music. I found myself paying attention to the speeches and if you enjoy the audio in-game, this is some fluff DLC that adds to that.

Worth it for the price ( it's often on sale ), but you can skip it if you don't really enjoy the in-game music to begin with.

by tv2zulu, Denmark - May 25th 2021
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Hearts of Iron IV: Cadet Edition

The WW2 game to get

A step up from vanilla HoI III, with less micro and more strategy. The battle plans make waging war on multiple fronts much less of a chore than previously.

If Grand Strategy in a WW2 setting is your thing, this is the game to get.

Only con for me, the game performance degrades too much as the timeline advances.

by tv2zulu, Denmark - May 23rd 2021
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EVE Online: Premium Pack

Not your traditional MMO

EVE Online has all the trappings of an MMO, in a sci-fi universe.

It is the most sandbox of sandbox MMOs. Which makes it as much of a strategy game as traditional MMO. The universe is vast, shared with 10s of thousand of other players on a single server. You can go it alone as a budling individualist, or join a player corporation and try your luck in PvE, PvP, crafting, diplomacy or all of the above – in the end, you are ultimately competing with other players in any avenue you choose.

It is the closest you'll come to an MMO, that is easy to get into, but difficult to master. Every system and mechanic has variables to improve under the hood, and even after years of playing, there's always something new to learn.

There's a reason why people refer to it as a hobby, more than a game. You decide how much you want to invest.

by tv2zulu, Denmark - May 23rd 2021
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