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Pillars of Eternity Icon
Great RPG by any measure
by b00p, USA - Apr 9th 2017

Having bounced off the original Infinity Engine games despite best attempts, and thus having no real nostalgia to go off of, not to mention my general ambivalence towards D&D style fantasy in general, I stayed away from Pillars for a long while, even though I love a big, chunky RPG from time to time and have a real appreciation for Obsidian's brand of complex and thoughtful storytelling.

That was a mistake! It's quite great! The characters and setting, though not super-exotic, is strong and weird enough to be interesting. Not finding it overly-wordy compared to what I had heard, just the right amount of reading. More voice acting than I expected, and for the most part, pretty strong, especially when compared to something like Wasteland 2 or even Skyrim. The environments are quite pretty despite being 2D. I find myself enjoying real-time with pause combat for the first time ever, inexplicably. Lots of options and ways to play in terms of perks, skills, items, and spells. Plenty of combat and world-building. In other words: A big, meaty RPG, well worth your time.

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Shadow Tactics: Blades of the Shogun Icon
Sneaked into my heart
by b00p, USA - Jan 26th 2017

Surprise underrated end-of-2016 gem. Who knew isometric stealth could work so well? Beautiful, lush environments, large maps with lots of possibilities, unusually excellent characters and voice acting, virtually bug free launch, which is, let's face it, almost unheard of this year. Check out the substantial demo (I did) if you aren't sure. Just great.

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