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Great Exploration Game
by MoogleMan3, USA - Jun 22nd 2016

When I played through Lifeless Planet, it reminded me a lot of games that tell their story without much in the way of dialogue or cutscenes. Yet the story it delivers is very engrossing and it kept me playing to see how the next chapter unfolds. This kept up right up to the end, yet I still wanted more. A sequel picking up after the somewhat cliffhanger, yet satisfying ending would be amazing.

Gameplay is simple; you mainly explore by way of 3d platforming and some light puzzle solving. It never feels clunky or unresponsive.

The game is a lot longer than I anticipated when I started playing, thinking it would last a few hours at best, but it didn't feel too long. It felt just right.

I was very pleased with this game and hope for a sequel.

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