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Heroes from the Past: Joan of Arc

Shorter might have been better

Total game time: 12.5 hours
There are exactly 100 levels to get through to erbuild the place. After that it's possible to replay each board separately.
This game has three different game modes which can be changed each level. This alone should make it interesting but I found that only the swap mode is enjoyable at all.
At first there's only an option to shuffle game pieces, then 4 power-ups are gradually added. They build on one another with only one of them being available at any one time. They can't be taken from one level to another so might as well be used. There's also a bonus piece if you match 5 which will pop 2 pieces atop, below, left and right.
What kept me from giving 4 stars is the feeling that there were too many levels depending on excessive use of the power-ups thus forcing one to just keep on playing with no other goal than to collect enough power for the power-up needed. This was especially the case in higher levels which is why I think shorter might have been better.
Btw, this game is actually by Green Sauce Games and they offer the successor themselves.

by Deahna, Germany - Mar 30th 2015
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Rainbow Web 2

Nice to kill time with

Total gametime: 5 hours.

This is the usual mix of Match-3 to collect letters, puzzles and hidden object scenes. The puzzles are all of the swap-two-tiles variant, couldn't be skipped and were boring. The hidden object scenes were way too easy and couldn't be skipped either.
What really annoyed me was that there were no power-ups at all so some boards could take ages to get through and left me feeling frustrated rather than relaxed.

by Deahna, Germany - Feb 26th 2015
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Tesla's Tower: The Wardenclyffe Mystery

More a point & click adventuer than hidden object game

Total game time: Just over 5 hours
This game is more in the line of the classic point & click adventures than the HOG it's classed to be, including all the walking between locations.
The puzzles are interesting but as a tipp, it really helps to read the info first and try and figure it out after. They can be skipped, too, and I admit that I did towards the end. The HOG scenes are well done - and if a location came up twice the objects I picked up the first time around were not there again so that was very realistic. If you are not a native speaker, keep a dictionary handy (reading „bat" I think of an animal, but it can also be connected with sports).
This is certainly a game to play again one day; I'm sure there's still a lot to discover. The storyline is fun and imaginative, too.

by Deahna, Germany - Jan 18th 2015
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Rainbow Web 3

No timer, no challenge, otherwise nice enough

Total game time: 9 hours.

If you are looking for an utterly undemanding game this might be just what the doctor ordered. It doesn't matter at all whether you take 5 minutes for one level or 5 days. There are no real challenges as the levels simply can't be lost; they can take a long time though. The only power-up is a hammer which recharges within a reasonable number of moves, depending on their complexity. No reward for not using it.

There are also the inevitable sliding puzzles and HOG scenes. The puzzles can be skipped. They just puzzle themselves out and tell you that you've won. The HOGs can't be skipped but they are easy and there's a hint feature, too.

As there's nothing exciting in this game it's a fab way to relax. Plus the graphics are really nice to look at and cheer you up.

However, I prefer some challenge and I also disliked one graphics feature intensely. I don't know how to describe it but every now and then the M3-balls would flicker as if a sudden wind turned them or water rushed over them. I found this very irritating as it broke concentration on the more difficult levels.

by Deahna, Germany - Jan 12th 2015
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The Path of Hercules

Challenging but not too frustrating

Total game time for 1 quest: 7 hours.
I generally like M3-Games if they can be played without a timer and yet stay challenging. This one can. Objects have to moved away from walls or blocking bricks, frozen tiles must be melted or they won't move, 4 different types of power-ups collected... It also tells a sensible story along the way about Hercules.
Levels are usually 4 M3, 1 HOG, 4 M3, 1 replace-the-artifacts and another HOG. Neither could be skipped but neither was too difficult either. I hardly ever needed hints.
The game tells me I can now embark on another quest with "new challenges and obstacles" but I won't just now.
If you liked „Around the World in 80 Days" but were frustrated by the time pressure than this game might be for you.

by Deahna, Germany - Jan 12th 2015
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Solitaire Mystery: Stolen Power

Short and not very interesting

Time to complete game: 90 min.

There are two kinds of Solitaire, one golf-based, the other a mahjongg kind. Those are interspesed with some HOG scenes and a very few puzzles.

Card levels not completed have to replayed once, then can be skipped. Only needed the replay option with the mahjongg kind and skipped once. Levels are repetitive. There was no time pressure anywhere in the game.

The objective is to collect a missing deck of solitaire cards. The story is rather thin and not very believable. The end comes suddenly and seems rushed.

Nice enough for a miserable winter sunday but nothing to get me hooked.

by Deahna, Germany - Dec 31st 2014
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