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Fantasy Mosaics 8: New Adventure Icon
No powerups
by RobinCandace, USA - Sep 3rd 2017

I like mosaic games, and this one has some nice touches with the different color patterns and so on. But it keeps showing hints referring to powerups and THERE ARE NO POWERUPS! I'm guessing this Mac game started as a phone app where you can buy powerups, but there is no such option in the desktop version. Sloppy designing.

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Griddlers: Victorian Picnic Icon
Half-baked game
by RobinCandace, USA - Sep 18th 2016

I liked griddler puzzles, but every 8Floor game I buy has a fundamental flaw: you can spend your coins on things such as erasing mistakes, but after you've spent all your coins you find out that you can't access the things you bought! I've tried two different games and they both were the same. So what's the point of "buying" these helps when there is no way to use them!!! I'm using these games on a Macintosh that meets all the game requirements.

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Knight Solitaire Icon
by RobinCandace, USA - Aug 20th 2014

I bought this and played it for a while, but compared to other solitaire games it is so boring! No story, no overall goal, just cards. The artwork is nice, but it really is not much fun.

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Cubis Creatures Icon
Poor mechanics
by RobinCandace, USA - Oct 10th 2013

The problem with this game is that it does not constrain your cursor. What I mean by that is, as you play your cursor wonders all around the playing field eventually hitting the reset icon, which terminates your play and starts over again. Really slows you down, having to keep bringing your cursor back into the field of play.

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Haunted Hotel Icon
Needs work
by RobinCandace, USA - Aug 10th 2008

I think this game has potential. The mini-games were cute and kind of fun, and the hidden object portion was standard. But the story was horrible. The text interludes were WAYYY too long, tedious to read, and were full of typos and text that made no sense. Too irritating to play. If they just rework the story and clean up the text, it would be OK.

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Escape The Museum Icon
Best of the Hidden Object Games
by RobinCandace, USA - Aug 8th 2008

This was the most enjoyable of the hidden object games I've played. Unlike others, it had a quite engaging story guiding you through, and I found it had a very nice mix of challenging puzzles along with more typical object search sessions.

I play these games for relaxation after a hard day at work, so I really liked the fact that there is no time pressure (I can take as long as I like or even stop in the middle and pick it up later), and that the Hints feature allows me to get out of tough spot when I'm tired of racking my brain.

Very nice job. I would like more like this one!

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