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Stellaris: MegaCorp

Great but patch contains most of the essential!

I do quite enjoy Megacorp and I think the additions are great such as the new megastructures, the ecumenopolis and of course the main attractions - the MegaCorps themselves. However, none of these offer big changes to the game but instead add new possibilities. Instead the major changes to the game are in the free patch which to me dramatically improved upon the planetary management and economic simulation and made the gameplay a lot more interesting.

With that said MegaCorp in itself might not be worth full price to everyone but if you combine it with all the changes in the free patch it is, at least to me, well worth a purchase to support the continued development of the game.

by ViktorStahl, Sweden - Apr 5th 2019
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Europa Universalis IV: Cradle of Civilization

Great but not essential

It's a great DLC if you play muslim nations with them being fleshed out quite a bit and I also do enjoy the new features such as "Exploit Development" (even though I've never used this one at all I do like to have the option if needed) and "Army Professionalism/Army Drilling" which I use quite a lot. Especially to be able to get extra manpower for 5% professionalism. That's quite useful.

However, while all these are great to have they don't really change the overall gameplay too much so therefore I can't call this DLC completely essential and especially not at full price unless you want to play a lot in the middle east area. However at a discount it is well worth it for everyone, I think!

by ViktorStahl, Sweden - Nov 25th 2018
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Hearts of Iron IV: Colonel Edition

Good Paradox Fun!

Having skipped this one for a long time I finally picked it up on a great price here and I am truly enjoying the game - as I do with almost every Paradox game. I really enjoy the focus tree setup and all that I am missing with the focus trees in the base game are more ahistorical paths - which Paradox has improved upon with the DLC trees. But it's still what makes me drop the score to 4/5 instead of 5/5.

And there is also a great modding community for the game with lots and lots of great mods out there. Both that expand upon the WW2 setting adding (or refreshing exisiting ones) focus trees for countries not having a unique one in the game or that set the game in different settings and time periods giving the game even more replayability!

by ViktorStahl, Sweden - Mar 5th 2018
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The Walking Dead: Michonne - A Telltale Miniseries


I have played the first two seasons of Telltale's Walking Dead but have no other connection to the franchise at all. With that said I really enjoyed this mini-series. I thought it had a really nice drive throughout it and the shorter story made it more to the point all through out. I felt a connection to the characters and I really liked how the story seemed to adapt to my choices (knowing Telltale this is very likely only an illusion of choice like usual though - but in this game I really think it worked even better than many of the other Telltale titles where I find the choices lacklustre. Still, I haven't replayed this so can't really judge this completely.)

I also got the game at an extreme discount so I most definetely got my money's worth. Paying full price to me might be a bit too steep though. So even though I did really enjoy the game I would still recommend picking it up at a discount!

by ViktorStahl, Sweden - Oct 20th 2016
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