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Soulless: Ray Of Hope

I've seen it somewhere before.

The picture quality is beautiful and you can go through the game quickly except for the bosses.
It's a game that can be finished in a few hours.

by ogamania76, Japan - Feb 27th 2022

Sid Meier’s Civilization VI: Platinum Edition

The best thing about turn-based strategy is that it's much easier to get into than RTS.

I don't have to remember shortcut keys, and I can take my time to research before taking action.

In addition, Civ is based on real-life civilizations and history, so the characteristics of the civilizations and units are somewhat predictable.
So it's easy to get into.

Therefore, I think it's the best choice for an introduction to strategy and 4X games.

by ogamania76, Japan - Jan 5th 2022

Planet Coaster

Management simulation game

Almost like in real life, you have to set very detailed expenses.
Admission fees, attraction tickets, store costs, menu prices, labor costs, etc. ...
If you don't cut down on the details, you will soon find yourself in the red.
Attractions break down, so there are repair costs as well.
We need to increase the variety of attractions, otherwise people will get bored and we will need new attractions.
We also need to increase the variety of attractions, otherwise people will get bored and start to leave.
If we don't have cleaners and security guards, we will lose customers due to crime and environmental destruction caused by garbage.
If you don't have cleaners and security guards, you will lose customers due to crime and environmental destruction caused by garbage.
...It's the same with reality.

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by ogamania76, Japan - Jun 10th 2021

Cities: Skylines - Industries


Until now, we have been treated as if we were just growing things, raising the price of land, and leaving it at that.
But with the introduction of this, complex and large-scale industries can be carried out. Let's buy it.

by ogamania76, Japan - Jun 10th 2021

Solar Shifter Ex

In one scene, it crashed no matter how many times I tried, and I couldn't go on.

Vertical scrolling shooter.
Life system + infinite continuation from checkpoints.
Your ship has a teleportation function, and you can use it to dodge attacks that you can't dodge normally.
You can strengthen your ship with the points you earn, but the strengthening is linear and there is no variety of equipment.

The enemy's bullets are fast, but their attacks are linear, so it's important to learn their patterns and stay out of their line of sight.
It's almost like a puzzle game where you have to find a safe zone, because sometimes the same formation pattern appears repeatedly.

There are times when the game moves diagonally, but the angle of the movement and the controls are different, making it difficult to control until you get used to it.

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by ogamania76, Japan - May 9th 2021

Hearts of Iron IV

Simpler but More Complex

The system seems to be simpler for internal affairs and a bit more complex for military affairs compared to the previous titles.
Military units can only be deployed after the formation of a division has been decided, all necessary equipment has been produced, and the troops have been assembled and trained.
It is a great attraction that you can now organize your army the way you want.

by ogamania76, Japan - May 4th 2021


Very simple and easy to get into.

It is a very simple game with only two keys and buttons, but the difficulty level is extremely high, requiring reflexes and delicate control.
It is a so-called "death game" where you have to learn by dying many times, but restarts are extremely smooth and stress-free.
The flashy effects, sound effects, and cool background music add to the addictiveness of the game, making it a simple but addictive game.

by ogamania76, Japan - May 4th 2021

Cities: Skylines - Deluxe Upgrade Pack

High price.

I don't believe it is worth buying, due to not doing anything but give a few buildings.

by ogamania76, Japan - May 4th 2021

Sid Meier's Civilization® VI

Quite interesting.

You can also win culture victories on the difficulty god, and the higher the difficulty, the more developed the cities you receive are and the stronger they are.
The higher the difficulty, the stronger the cities you get, and the more developed they are. The cities that come back to Alienor after being overrun by war are very moving.

I would also recommend playing the game with a storyline. It's also fun to see how the cities come down one after another to the leader who implements good government.
Thanks to the update, it is now possible to conquer and win without fighting, and there are now many ways to enjoy the game.
I would recommend this game even to those who are bored with rhyme.

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by ogamania76, Japan - Mar 24th 2021

Mafia III: Definitive Edition


The main game felt a bit monotonous with the same repetition, but the DLCs were great with each having their own characteristics. I was able to enjoy the whole game, including the expressions of the characters and the story.

by ogamania76, Japan - Mar 24th 2021

Desperados III - Digital Deluxe Edition

Interesting Games

It takes an hour or two to clear one stage before you get used to it, but it's fun to think of strategies and you'll be hooked!
The setting and story are interesting, including the recreation of an American town in the Wild West era.

by ogamania76, Japan - Mar 23rd 2021

Desperados III

Not to be outdone by shadow tactics.

I don't see anything novel about it.
However, it gives me a desire to challenge myself.
But it does get a little boring in the second half.

by ogamania76, Japan - Mar 23rd 2021

Cities: Skylines - Snowfall

The main idea of the game is almost the same, so you may feel that the price is a little expensive.

New snowplows and other new units will be added.
The gameplay changes a bit with the various winter-related equipment, so if you own the game, you'll enjoy it.

The main idea of the game is almost the same, so you may feel that the price is a little expensive.

by ogamania76, Japan - Mar 22nd 2021

Cities: Skylines - After Dark

The night view of the city is very beautiful and spectacular when viewed from above. It feels good to think that I have created this by myself.

When AfterDark is introduced, a system (content) for the concept of the night is added.
It adds more depth and richness to the game.
You can also combine it with Snowfall and watch the snowplows go out late at night.
You can enjoy the game in a more maniacal way.

by ogamania76, Japan - Mar 22nd 2021

The Book of Unwritten Tales Collection

It was very interesting.

The text and direction are so elaborate that you can't help but laugh while playing. There are parts of the game that feel like errands and become sloppy during play, but the scenario is well pulled together, and after about 24 hours of play, I was able to get through the entire story without losing interest. I hope that more people will play this game as the Japanese localization progresses.

by ogamania76, Japan - Apr 27th 2020

Euro Truck Simulator 2 - Scandinavia

It's hard to reach the delivery address.

I've also downloaded the map expansion DLC, but to be honest, I felt like the scenery was the same as the map from the beginning, but this DLC has a much different scenery.
Especially between Kristiansand-Stavanger-Bargen on the west side.
This map is not to be missed.

by ogamania76, Japan - Apr 27th 2020

Cities: Skylines

1%: Building a city 99%: Viewing

Whereas SimCity is a city management simulation
The game has a strong urban infrastructure simulation aspect to it
If you can get through the early stages, you'll be able to afford it, but on the other hand, you'll have more time to spend on improving the city's transportation infrastructure.
The point of purchase consideration is whether or not you find it interesting.

by ogamania76, Japan - Apr 27th 2020

Out There: Omega Edition

Good fun at the pace you choose.

Very pretty, interesting story, easy to grasp yet difficult to master. My one complaint is that nothing carries over playthrough to playthrough. So once you screw up, that's it, everything down the tube. Even on Easy mode. I know a lot of people like that feature, so that doesn't make it a bad game, but just not for me.

by ogamania76, Japan - Apr 27th 2020

Cognition Game of the Year Edition

A third-person adventure game with an excellent story and riddle solving!

There are a lot of riddles to solve, but they are all fresh and interesting, and it's great that they are all well placed within the story. The second time I played the game, I still had a lot of fun discovering things.

by ogamania76, Japan - Apr 27th 2020

Airport Madness 3D: Volume 2

Pretty neat game,

I haven't played the first game, so I can't comment on how little it has changed from its first installment, but Airport Madness 3D V2 is a pretty neat game, if you're into hectic time management mechanics.

It won't win any prizes for its visuals and it is far from up to standard in terms of technical aspects, but all the same, the gameplay is kind of of addictive.

by ogamania76, Japan - Apr 27th 2020

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