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Airport Madness: World Edition Icon
Not my type of game, but...
by holder, Canada - May 24th 2017

I did end up trying it briefly. Mostly because I noticed I could manage my hometown airport. It's not visually impressive, but it did get the map right. You might like it as a casual game if you have time to kill, and don't want to care about of story or continuity.

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Tense, atmospheric, science fiction horror adventure
by holder, Canada - May 23rd 2017

I tend to avoid horror games, unlike the film genre, but occasionally a science-fiction theme, and visuals will draw me in to break the comfort zone. Shortly put I was not disappointed by the game. The fear generated is more cerebral, and not created by the typical jump scares that try to elicit a primal urge to flee (or maybe that's just me). Everything from the visuals (lighting, animation), the sound effects, music, and voice acting were well done.

The negative part of the game has to do with some of the puzzles. It is an old problem of adventure games where objects you pick up or interact with are needed to solve certain objectives. However, the logic of solving a problem is often made into a singular narrow decision as decided by the developers. Like you have to open a door, but instead of using the crowbar in your inventory you have to go around searching for some other objects to combine to hack the door's computer.

If you're a fan of some more popular sci-fi horrors; Aliens, Dead Space, Event Horizon. And you want to experience some of that for yourself, but without having to crawl into a corner and hide, or shoot your way out of every situation, then I recommend this game (I also recommend the free on Steam side-quel Cayne - it can act as a demo as well).

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Eldevin Icon
by holder, Canada - Jul 18th 2016

I have a large library, so if a game doesn't grab me early on I often move on. Eldevin was given free, so I decided to try it out. It's ok. If you're desperate for an RPG, or have a tight budget give it a shot. Otherwise there are a lot of other great games available.

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