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Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series Icon
Currently broken
by wjousts, USA - Sep 6th 2017

A bug at the start of chapter 2 causes a crash to desktop. Don't waste your money until it's fixed.

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Doesn't quite fill it's potential
by wjousts, USA - Dec 22nd 2016

This is a point-and-click adventure that has an interesting premise and some very nicely atmospheric built up early, but eventually it gets stale. After a while, seeing yet another room full of mutilated corpses just loses it's impact and ceases to shock.

There are several puzzles that are just unnecessarily fiddly (rather than difficult or challenging), some horrible pixel hunting sections and some mystifying plot points (I'm supposed to be a history teacher, but I'm expected to know how to perform surgery?).

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Endless Legend Classic Pack Icon
Not quite Civ, not quite Master of Magic
by wjousts, USA - Mar 28th 2016

This game is fantastic, but be weary of people comparing it to Civilization. While it does look a bit like Civ, it plays quite differently. It's not Master of Magic or Heroes of Might and Magic either. Instead it combines parts of those games to make something else that is really quite compelling.
My only complaints are that sometimes the graphics for the city squares are hard to pick out against the background making it difficult to figure out which hexes are part of the city and which aren't.

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Broken Age Icon
Second half let down.
by wjousts, USA - Mar 28th 2016

The first half of this game is a charming little point-and-click adventure that is decent enough and touches on some interesting themes, but the second half really does fall apart. There are puzzles in the second part which are totally illogical relying on one character knowing something another character has seen and they can't possibly know about. There is also a puzzle towards the end which frustratingly get reset until you get it right, forcing you to repeat parts of it time and time again. Then the ending is a complete disappointment which total fails to wrap the story up or really explain what happened.

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Might & Magic X - Legacy Deluxe Edition Icon
Old fashioned, but still good
by wjousts, USA - Sep 24th 2015

Despite the generally lackluster reviews, I actually enjoyed my time with this game (the main story at least). It is old fashioned with the grid-based movement, which takes a little re-adjusting, but it brings back memories of the old M&M and Bard's Tale games.

The combat is decent but there are times when your progress slows and you end up having to creep around looking for mobs you can defeat right now in order to level up and take on those mobs that are kicking your butt. There is a good selection of classes and races to chose from, but they aren't as well balanced as they could be. There are definitely some party builds that will make you life easier, and some that will make it much harder.

The DLC on the other hand, is terrible. At the beginning of the DLC you will open a door and...insta-death. Not, a really hard fight insta-death, an actually "sorry game over" insta-death that you can't do anything about. So you'll reload and decide not to open that door. You'll see a lever and think "I'll try that lever", guess what? Insta-death. So you try again, walk down a corridor and come to a junction, which way to go? Guess what? One way is insta-death. This goes on for the first section of the DLC getting repeatedly killed without warning, for no good reason. I don't know who thought that would be fun?

Once you are out of that, I hope you didn't build a "might" rather than a "magic" based party because all your weapons have been taken away and all you get is low level stuff.

So play the main game, skip the DLC.

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