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BioShock Infinite - Season Pass Icon
Must-buy for complete experience
by AshesnBones, USA - Aug 21st 2016

Bioshock Infinite was amazing in itself. The storyline is however continued in Burial at Sea episodes 1 & 2, which are very worthwhile experiences. They do provide a connection to Bioshock 1, but perhaps more importantly continue the storyline of the main character(s) from Bioshock Infinite. The two DLC episodes could be purchased separately, but the Season Pass tends to be more affordable. The Clash in the Clouds multiplayer content is also included, but thats take-it or leave-it..

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BioShock Infinite: Columbia's Finest Icon
A little boost..
by AshesnBones, USA - Aug 21st 2016

This DLC gives a little boost to the early part of the game. It's not necessary for the full experience, and to some people may feel this is like cheating. However, the coins, lockpicks, gear items and upgrades can reduce the grind needed to get these items and full upgrades for late-game. Plus, I'm not quite a fan of repeated grinding anywhere. Still, its lame to have to pay real money for this..

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realMyst: Masterpiece Edition Icon
Myst 3D+
by AshesnBones, USA - Aug 21st 2016

I loved Myst back in the day, and a real-time 3D version sounded like an awesome idea. However, having played this, I feel like the control and movement is a bit wonky, as is getting the right angle in order to interact with devices or work-out puzzles. There's an option in the configuration menu to change to Classic Myst style movement, which I'd probably suggest in order to play the game as originally intended. Free-Roam is the default, and while its somewhat novel at first, it doesn't make the experience any better. Overall, its still Myst, which was a classic.. its just made prettier now with real-time 3D graphics

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Babel Rising Icon
Fun casual game
by AshesnBones, USA - Aug 21st 2016

This is a mobile port about basically clicking on and 'swiping' (click-and-drag) across the path of humans who are attempting to construct the tower of Babel (and other towers eventually). It has pleasant graphics and while your viewpoint is limited to scrolling around the tower being built, there's not much else you'll be doing besides managing the human onslaught. You play as 'God' and are using the 4 elements to strike down people with boulders, lightning, wind, floods, etc. before they can finish the tower. Its simple, casual fun.
*Note: the co-op and pvp multiplayer is local 'couch' only.

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Lifeless Planet Premier Edition Icon
Interesting SciFi-Horror
by AshesnBones, USA - Aug 21st 2016

This is primarily an exploration/platforming game.. not really a 'walking sim' though the path you are set on is very linear. The premise is standard scifi lore.. you travel to Mars where there's supposedly some type of terraformed settlement awaiting you, but you wake up to find yourself crashed in a wasteland with your crewmates missing. Its a lonely trek to find out what happened on this planet, but the atmosphere, mystery, and interesting level designs drew me in. The platforming is questionable, and the controls are a little wonky, but overall its a worthwhile experience.

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Last Inua Icon
Interesting first title
by AshesnBones, USA - Jul 29th 2016

This platformer based in the Arctic is pretty to look at but difficult to play with the somewhat clunky controls and sometimes problematic AI. One might be reminded of 'Never Alone' when playing this, as it shares common themes, controls and even has a somewhat glitchy AI companion to deal with; however, the other title has generally better controls and allows for local co-op play. The graphics, music, and atmosphere in both titles are well done, although this title has some unique mechanics of its own. Its worth a look when on sale, but the frustrations in dealing with the controls and AI might turn off many.

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