Reviews by Patrick Mele

Tales from the Borderlands (Telltale Key)

Borderlanders Forever!

I'm truly a fan of the series, and as a FPS, this game is not, My character is basically a third person interface with video interaction by choices I can make during gameplay. Have said this the rest is purely entertainment, comedic character selection works well on my late 2011 MacBook Pro with dedicated graphics (intel HD3000) not integrated. I felt I had to by this at a good sale price while waiting for Borderlands 3 to come out. You gotta see the nice "works of art" that was painstakingly applied here. "Get it, You won't regret it"

by Patrick Mele, USA - Dec 22nd 2016


Shoot through the Sges

Bedlam is a different kind of FPS always changing between games teleporting in time, loads of action for this endless quest for glory. Different guns to use for games of past and future modes

by Patrick Mele, USA - Nov 7th 2016

The Darkness II

Halloween Treat

If You Like Dark Humor mixed with mafia comic undertones, then this is for you. Along with a uneak story line non stop melee action and first and third person shooting my way to a revengeful ending

by Patrick Mele, USA - Oct 30th 2016

BioShock 2: Minerva's Den DLC

New and Refreshing

Well done DLC addition to,in my opinion, a prefect and flawless BioShock 2 , prior to MinDen. purchase, BioShock 2 needs updating to version 1.3 which adds Minerva's Den but not yet unlocked, after purchase a activation key is given to be able to play, "New Guns"- "New Areas" and "New Characters" gives me hours of fun and sense of accomplishment in this FPS genre, some replay value too, "GET IT YOU WONT REGRET IT"

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 8th 2016

Serious Sam 3: BFE

Fist Person Shooters Delight

If your the kind of gamer that i am shoot-everything that moves-type of guy or girl then this is for you, fast paced, action packed, storyline that interesting and allows mindless enemies to hunt without remorse, both enjoyable and replayable too

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 2nd 2016

Borderlands 2: Wattle Gobbler

Thanksgiving Delight

A twist on upcoming meal in the tradition of a "Pandoras Special Turkey", A Boss thats edible !! Fun to make meal with first person shooting skills my specialty a nice DLC addition to my ongoing "Borderlands" Traditional Needs

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 2nd 2016

Borderlands 2: Creature Slaughterdome

Addition to "Wildlife Preserve"

This DLC definitely doesn't keep with the phrase PRESERVE, in fact, just the opposite its a break from mission quests smack in the middle of Wildlife Preserve . It meets my standards for BL2 and the many DLCs I have added, well worth the few bucks

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 2nd 2016

Borderlands 2: Tiny Tina's Assault on Dragon Keep

Dragon Keep Applaud

Of all the DLCs in BL2 Tiny Tinas Assault is by far the best in my opinion, Filled with rich story both humorous and action packed. released some time ago but is playable on most earlier computers with great ease....

by Patrick Mele, USA - Jun 1st 2016

Borderlands 2: Sir Hammerlock vs. the Son of Crawmerax

Old But Great

Im a fan of Sir Hammerlock since I first began BL2, This DLC adds a nice touch to the base game, along side of multiple extras I have ...all run smoothly and adds a nice touch of humor to the series. FPS are my favorite type to play with a nice storyline as well

by Patrick Mele, USA - Nov 27th 2015

Borderlands 2: Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2

Amazing Extra Mission!

Borderlands 2 so far is awesome and with Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack 2 extends the some familiar snow capped challenges that have no bounds also "Raid on Digistruct Peak" with 11 new levels of play and all in the name of "My friend - Claptrap"

by Patrick Mele, USA - Nov 12th 2015

Forgotten Tales: Day of the Dead

Solitare with a musical twist

A nice way to enjoy cards along with uplifting music, This game is a blend of eye catching non threatining amusement. The graphics are superb and controls are just a click and thats it. Best for all ages to pass the time and replay over and over.

by Patrick Mele, USA - Oct 27th 2015

Sky Battles

Unique flying experience

Keyboard controls need both hands to Fly! Somewhat an experience of realistic flying adventure while competing with bot aircraft. Its a single player experience basically
crafted to competitiv interest. Its the feel of achievement when I win. Simple Graphics and no story line, only racing though hoops is its drawback!

by Patrick Mele, USA - Oct 24th 2015

Vektor Wars

Refreshing "First Person Shooter"

Whithout a doubt finally something new and refreshing in FPS style games. Together with neon style graphics and a outer space feel this game exceeds my expectations both in quality and controls that are spot on. Alltogether in an inexpensive package without bugs that usually come while playing on my older (13"- 2011 Macbook Pro) with intel HD3000 graphics. Multiple "state of the art" weapons that have a nice feel to them. Maps are designed uneekly to fit the fight sequence of tanks, spaceships, monsters and all from an imaginative mind such as the developers intended I suspect. "Get It and You Won't Regret It"

by Patrick Mele, USA - Oct 17th 2015

Duke Nukem Forever

First person Shooters Dream

AS in other FPS game I am overwhelmed with weapons and Aliens with many different ways to frag, also an array of tactics that range from controller mini cars to huge cannon fire! Works smoothly on MacBook pro 2011 late baseline model on high graphic settings. no glitches . defineatly worth the price @ 85%off deal! "get it you wont regret it"

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 30th 2015

Pickers: Adventures in Rust

Collectable Mystery

As a fan of American Storage, I amd pleased to do some antiques from different states
interesting and mystery along side both puzzle and hoarding too

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 29th 2015

Shadow Warrior

Cant play

I wanted so much to take advantage of this sale, however I had to return game because of unsupported graphic issue, Game calls for intel HD4000 card or higher. maybe time for a new Mac. Support was both swift and helpful! Thanks MacGameStore...

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 29th 2015

Borderlands 2

Great Cartoon Shootem up

Loads of hourly Fun Shooting in the Arctic zone with many guns to use , Enjoy r this on MacBook Pro Laptop and without glitches and reasonable graphics, Keeps be laughing with all the creatures I wipe out

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 29th 2015


Shooting makes the earth Quake 4 !

I picked up this little gem for nostalgic reasons for my (Doom 3) mood I'm in, Its definitely id techs past achievement thats fun to play. Textures are from time past, but the action is from todays shooting technics.

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 22nd 2015

GT Rising

Doesn't Play only Jerks around the Track

Doesnt run on MacBook Pro 2011 with Yosemite 10.10.5, and very disappointed seeing that I enjoy all types of racing games, support was immediate and very helpful to resole my issue

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 22nd 2015

Rage: Campaign Edition

Apoctoliptic Pleasure

With only a 2011 MacBook Pro, I can shoot drive, buy and sell weapons with ease, only bug iare blue and purple video graphics cube that appear from time to time, nevertheless its a gas played thru in one Sunday afternoon. and wound up with a smile and a sense of accomplishment with saving the planet from the corrupt Authority!!

by Patrick Mele, USA - Sep 4th 2015

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